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Cell Analogies Project

No description

Paige Kramer

on 4 December 2011

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Transcript of Cell Analogies Project

Cytoplasm Cell Membrane Security Guards at malls keep things in place, like the cytoplasm in a cell Mitochondrion Food courts at the mall are like mitochondrion because the food court is where people get energy for their day and mitochondrion produce energy. The cell membrane is like the doors to a mall because they both keep things out or in of the mall/cell. Rough ER The rough ER is like the factories that produce and package things, and send stuff to the mall because it is involved in synthesis and packaging of protein. Nucleolus The nucleolus is like the manager of the mall. The nucleolus produces ribosomes, and the mall manager hires people. Lysosomes are like trash cans. Trash cans collect the garage in the mall, and lysosomes break down things like lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. Lysosomes Nucleus The nucelus is like the information desk at the mall because the nucleus controls all the cells activities. The information desk does the same things in the mall, like provide maps. Chromatin Chromatin are like the map in a mall. The chromatin provide the genetic information for the cell, and the map shows the layout of the mall. Golgi Apparatus An employee is like the Golgi apparatus of a cell because the golgi apparatus packages and sorts things in a cell and the employees do the same things. Ribosomes Ribosomes are like the merchandise in a mall. The ribosomes synthesize protein and the merchandise in the mall makes money. Smooth ER The smooth ER is like the storage room of a mall. The storage room in a mall stores merchandise and the smooth ER stores things for the cell. Cytoskeleton The stores in a mall are like the cytoskeleton because the cytoskeleton maintains the cells shape, and the stores are what shape the mall. Cilia & Flagellum Visit us at the Mall of MSTC! We have an amazing variety of stores with spectacular prices! Cilia and Flagellum are like the advertisement flyers for the mall. The advertisement flyers for the mall keep it in business, keep it moving forward. The Cilia and Flagellum keep the cell moving too. Forever 21 JCPenney GameStop Claire's Animal Cell: As a Mall Paige Kramer Vacuole The vacuole is like a water fountain. Vacuole stores water, releasing it when the cell needs it. A water fountain gives people water when they need it.
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