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Western Europe

a tour of France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. Great vacation Idea

Furu Sherpa

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Western Europe



I have always had interests in Europe. Its histories and cultures have influenced many other countries and areas around the world. The first reason I would like to go to Europe is because of it's history. I want to go to the historical (WWI and WWII) sites, and cities to have a first-hand experience. Second, I want to go there is because of its food. Europe, especially the western counties, is known for its delicacies and savory meals. The third reason I want to go to Europe is to have an adventure. Being is Europe would allow me to experience things I never did before such as skiing in the Alps. The fourth reason I want to go there is because of its culture. Europe's cultures interest me, such as the bull fights, football games, and the social lives. The last reason I want to go to Europe is because I am getting bored here in the states. Going to Europe would refresh me, and i would come back with a new experience and a new attitude in life.
Europe, a new experience.
For 1 person
Leaves from New York, New York: (British Airlines)
Wed, July 10 at 5:15pm from JFK, flight time- 7hrs. 30mins
Return from Barcalona, Spain: (Royal Air Marco)
Mon, July 22 at 7:10pm from BCN, flight time- 7hrs 15mins.
power by:
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British Airways 1534
Economy, Boeing 767
Royal Air Marco 961
Economy, Boeing 737
Traveling in Europe (TRAIN)
Eurail Global Deluxe Pass
Unlimited train travel in Europe for 15 days
1 person
Cabs in cities (if needed)
Price depends on the distance
Cultural Synopsis
France Germany Switzerland Italy Spain
From Paris to Berlin to Bern to Rome to Barcelona
63,827,000 80,580,000 8,069,000 59,626,000 46,958,000
French German German/Italian Italian Spanish
Catholic Christianity and Protestant Christianity
Iron, Steel
Textile, clothing
Motor vehicles
Machinery, Vehicles, Aircraft, Plastics, Crude Oil, Chemicals, and Textile
Euros, except for Switzerland which uses the Swiss Franc.
1 Dollar = .76 Euros or .95 Swiss Franc
During July: Warm and hot summer like weather throughout Europe, chillier at higher elevations
Social Customs
In France, especially in Cafes, people are crammed, so people talk softly and quietly and are often polite. Speaking loud is rude to others nearby.
In Barcelona, Spain, ham is a delicacy and is often very expensive
Bull fighting is one of the top sports in Spain.
European dinners are later in the night, 8-9 o' clock
Topless beaches are common in Europe
Smoking is more tolerated
European restaurants do not expect tipping.
Drinking Age is only 18 years old and open drinking is more tolerated.
Before Starting this adventure...
here are some general information...
DAY 10
DAY 11
DAY 12
Arrived at the Charles De Gaulle Airport at on July 11
Take a cab to your hotel in Paris. (Castille Paris)
Sleep, or eat breakfast and go on a morning walk around Paris
Castille Paris
A 5-star Hotel located among the fashion boutiques in the center of Paris
33-37 Rue Cambon Paris, 75001 France
1 Deluxe Suite is $519.00 per night
Why I chose this hotel:
great location
many amenities such as saunas, decks, gym, and air conditioning
complimentary breakfasts and newspaper available
free wifi
Au Petit Sud Ouest
Food I want to try:
Foie Gras is a French cuisine of a flattened duck liver. It is a rich, buttery, and delicate dish accompanied with a side dish, such as glazed apple or steak. I want to try Foie Gras with glazed apple. This is one of the most unique French Cuisines. The french proportions are small so I am order more side dishes.
price per meal: $48- 69
Local French cuisine restaurant with outdoor seating. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. Known for their duck and Foie Gras
6 am:
10 am:
Take a metro train to the Notre Dame Cathedral
Tour around the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Have lunch at one of the many restaurants in nearby.
La Tour Eiffel

at 1:30 pm
Starter, main dish, and dessert.
Soft drink, beer, or a glass of wine
Seating on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tour.
Picnic Chic
Main Courses:
Seared Scorpion Fish, Parmesan risotto, crustacean cream sauce
Tortiglioni, peas and bacon bits, Parmesan cream sauce
Roasted chicken breast, mashed potatoes with herbs, gravy
cost per meal:
38.60 Euros or $50.45
3 pm:
Take a metro train to the Louvre
explore the art collections
6 pm :
Go back to your hotel and freshen up
Have dinner at the Au Petit Sud Ouest Resturant (walking distance)
Free Day in Paris
Eat breakfast at the hotel's buffet
The walk around Paris. Everything is pretty much walking distance
Go shopping or visit the many stores in Paris
At 1:30
Have lunch at the La Tour Eiffel Restaurant on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower.
Go anywhere is Paris. There are many sight seeing places such as the Arc de Triomphe, Bohemian, and the numerous cathedrals and museums, all within walking distance.
Go back to the hotel and have dinner located on the 1st floor of the Hotel.
The Louvre
The Lourve is the largest museum located at the heart of Paris and has one of the greatest art collections ever. This museum is comprised of 3 building, 2 fortress like museum and one glass pyramid. The glass pyramid is half a mile long and is the place where we're touring. The Louvre's collection includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, antiquities, furniture, and coins. It is impossible to see all the collection in one day, so you must make the most of it. Some of the most famous art work displayed in the Louvre are the Aphrodite, Mona Lisa, and the wedding feast on cana. The artwork come from all around the world from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Israel, to the Mayans.
11 euros per entrance for the entire day or $14.38
4 am go to the Paris Train Station
Use your Eurail Global Pass to go to Berlin, Germany.
The 5 hours of train ride provides you to sleep, enjoy the view of Europe, and have a complimentary meal.
Complementary meals provided
When arriving at Berlin, go to the Hotel, Hilton Berlin.
Hilton Berlin
$ 1,561 per night for a King Presidential Suite
Indoor pool
24-hour gym
City or garden views
Mohrenstrasse 30, Berlin, 10117
Why I chose this hotel:
This is a large hotel located in Berlin. It had a modern roomy look and is quite deluxe. The locating is walking range with many of the attractions in Berlin such as the Berlin Cathedral and the Mitte.
The go out to Berlin for a long walk. These attractions are all walking distance to your hotel:
Brandenburg Gate (1 mi/1.5 km)
Boulevard Unter den Linden (0.6 mi/1 km)
Potsdamer Platz (0.9 mi/1.4 km)
Checkpoint Charlie Museum (0.5 mi/0.8 km)
The Reichstag (1.2 mi/1.9 km)
After the walk, you will likely find many resturant you want to eat at.
After the meal, go back to your hotel and enjoy it:
pool, spa, solarium, gym, and garden.
For dinner, you will enjoy the Mark Brandenburg Restaurant, attached to the hotel. Specializes for Russian Style informal dinners.
Rutz Wienbar
This restaurant in Mitte, Berlin includes a world class wine collection. The restaurant has a modern and innovative presentation of food and wine.
Food I want to try:
Roasted ham hock with black pudding
A Roasted Ham Hock is a large ham roasted for hours with an abundance of flavor. The more fat it has the more delicious. This flavorful ham is served as the main course and brought to the table as a whole. Black Pudding, also known as blood sausages are links of pork mixed with blood, which gives it's color. This German delicacy goes back for thousands of years and even mentioned by the Greek poet Homer.
Price: ranges from $50 to $150
History of Germany Tour
visit the Berlin Wall Memorial
go to the Holocaust Memorial
Furu Sherpa's
Have breakfast provided by the hotel
Eat Lunch at one of the many restaurants in Germany
Go on the Berlin Zoo and City Sightseeing Tour
This takes you to the renowned Tierpark Zoo located in the City and also takes you to other attractions.
After the tour, get refreshed in your hotel and take a cab to the Rutz Wienbar for an excellent dinner
3 am take a Eurail to Bern, Switzerland.
Teirpark Zoo
Also known as the Berlin Zoo, this zoo is part of a zoo system in Berlin which includes an aquarium. This zoo is the last stop on the Berlin Zoo and Sightseeing tour, which also takes tourists to top Berlin attractions including Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate on a double-decker bus. The price of this tour which also includes the zoo admission is $43.60. The length of the Tour is 3 hours 30 minutes. The zoo is an interactive place where you can experience the feeding of sharks, stingrays, and later view camels in their natural habitat. The zoo has a total of 14,000 animals including pandas, gorillas, and elephants. This zoo is a peaceful escape in the middle of city where you will be free from the confusion of the bustling city. I recomend going to the zoo as a combo in this tour. This will give you most out of your money while being able to meet other travels from around the world.
Take a cab to your hotel, Hotel Bellevue Palace
Wonderful view of Germany's and Switzerland's rolling hills and mountains.
Breakfast provided
Time for some sleep
5.0 Stars
Kochergrasse 3-5, Bern, BE 3000 Switzerland
Hotel Bellevue Palace
This hotel situated in the center of Bern is on a hill next to the Aare River. This ultra luxurious looks more like a castle than a hotel. Hotel Bellevue Palace features a sauna, fitness facility, a restaurant, bar/lounge and wired high-speed Internet access. this relaxing hotel is a vacation on its own.
$638.11 per night for a Deluxe Double
Why I chose this hotel:
Ultra comfortable with plenty of space
Fitness center
Great look and view
Dry Clean/Launder
Shoe Clean
Relax in your luxurious hotel with a Sauna, fitness center, a great view, and much more.
There's a restaurant in the Hotel for a great afternoon lunch.
Walk in the streets of Bern
Bern has a medieval feel to it, with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and the many fountains and sculptures.
The streets are filled with Swiss bars and cafes that you may want to drop by.
Visit the Bear Park and the elevated Rose Garden.
Go back to the Hotel for a dinner at its restaurant, La Terrasse.
Cheese Fondue
Cheese Fondue
A cheese fondue is dish of melted cheese served in a pot over a small stove. It is known as the Swiss National Dish, but its origin comes from all over Europe. A cheese fondue is served with a meat, more cheese, vegetable, or fruit sides that is dipped into the pot. Usually there is 1 pot on a table that is shared. A cheese fondue is only one of the many types of fondue. There are also chocolate fondues and meat fondues. Since this is Switzerland, you should try this dish because it is made of one of Switzerland's best exports, Swiss cheese. Otherwise, a Swiss chocolate fondue is just a delicious and unique. A cheese fondue is fairly inexpensive (around $40) and widely available at many restaurants in Switzerland including the La Terrasse, the restaurant within your hotel. This is an experience that you will not forget.
Ski Day!!
Eat breakfast at the Hotel and take a train to the Zermatt Ski Resort.
Image Cites

Some images from: (see work cited pg)
Ski all day
Lunch and dinner at the restaurants in the ski resort
Time: 2 - 3 hours
Time: 2 - 3 hours
Cost: $43.60
Zermatt Ski Resort
Time: 5 - 6 hours
Cost: $600 (with equipment) deluxe package
On the edge of Switzerland, near Italy, is Switzerland's best ski resort and regarded as the best in the world, the Zermatt. This year round ski resort is the ideal place to spend a day or even a week. With a picturesque view of the Matterhorn, one of the most famous Mountains in the world, this place has is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, or just relaxing. The Zermatt provides 394km of downhill skiing with over 40 ski lifts.The lifts are able to transport over 75 thousand people per hour. the range of experience needed on the Zermatt goes from intermediates to expert. Every age group will enjoy the smooth snow the Alps provide. Zermatt has a hotel of its own and many restaurants and pubs. It is easy to spend hours at the resort, skiing and getting to know other people. The Resort also includes excursion, such as helicopter rides over the Alps, that may be experienced once in a lifetime. This is just a terrific place to spend your vacation in.
3 am: Take a Eurail to Rome, Italy. (approx. 6hrs)
Once in Italy, take a cab to to the Jumeirah Grand Hotel
Via Vittorio Veneto 155, Rome, RM 00187 Italy
Jumeirah Grand Hotel
Cost: $1,364 per night
for a Corner Suite
5 Star Ratings
This hotel is in the center of Rome, where many museums and attractions are located, such as the National Gallery of Ancient Art. The Jumeirah features 2 restaurants as well as a spa tub and a coffee shop. The 6 story building includes, stores a laundry service, and even a sauna. All this in the middle of the city, this is defiantly the place to stay.
Eat breakfast and relax at the deluxe hotel
10 am: Visit the Colosseum for about 4 hours
La Terrasee, located at the hotel.
Cost: Approximately $40
Kochergrasse 3-5, Bern, BE 3000 Switzerland
2 pm: have lunch at one of the hotel's restaurants
Walk around Rome, there are many shops, cafes, and places that might interest you.
The Colosseum
The Colosseum, also known as the il Colloseo is a ancient Roman stadium where gladiator battles, fights, and games took place. It was constructed in 72 AD under Emperor Vespasian's rule.The amphitheater was created on top of an artificial lake. It housed over 55,000 people with 80 entrances. The vomitoriums of the Colosseum allowed the public to enter and exit with in minutes. The Colosseum is one of the places you must visit in Italy. The impression of this structure will be engraved in your brain forever. This tour also includes a tour of other ancient Rome destinations.
$65 for a guided foot tour
For approx. 3 hours
(skip the 1 hour entrance line and small group tour)
Vatican City Day
Take a cab to the Vatican City
Viator VIP: Sistine Chapel Private Viewing and Small-Group Tour of the Vatican's Secret Rooms
Go on the:
Vatican City
The Vatican City is the home of the Pope and the entire Roman Catholic Church. This Country within the city of Rome is small but has a very history complex. The city is visited by millions but only a few get to see somethings. This tour gives a once-in-a-lifetime private Sistine Chapel viewing and tour of the Vatican Museum's secret rooms. This exclusive gives you unprecedented VIP access to the magnificent rooms that are usually off-limits to the public, allowing you to see a side of the Vatican that most never will. Skip the line and go behind the off-limits line to explore a place that has the most history in one place. This tour is well worth your money.
Sistine Chapel Private Viewing and Small-Group Tour of the Vatican's Secret Rooms
Cost: $318
Time: 3 hours
After the tour go sight-seeing at this amazing city. Who knows you might see the Pope?
This family-run restaurant in Rome is bustling with locals and tourists, and has a warm feel.
Europe Through the Train
From Rome, hop on a Eurail towards Barcelona, Spain
6 am:
La Tavernaccia
Via Giovanni da Castelbolognese 63, 00153 Rome, Italy
Food I want to try:
Traditional family-style Italian Lasagna. Even though I had lasagnas before, it would be amazing to have one of my favorite food from where it originated. I would have a started of hand sliced, garlic bruschetta with prosciutto. Then on to the main dish, the lasagna. The lasagna is one of the restaurants, most popular dishes. This cheesy dish is fairly inexpensive and a must have in Rome. If not try the traditional Italian pizzas.
Price: around $57 per meal
In the evening go to the la Tavernaccia for an Italian Dinner
numerous stops and layovers in Italy, France
Last 18-24 hours
Meals provided
This long distance railway will give you the glimpse of Europe within 24 hours. The ride also provides you time for sleep, getting in touch with your friends back home, and a comfortable ride.
The rest are from Prezi Images search
Arrived in Barcelona, Spain
go to the Avenida Palace Hotel
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 605 Barcelona, 08007 Spain 1-866-599-6674
$203 per night for an executive Suite
Francisco Godia Foundation
Tivoli Theatre
Casa Lleo-Morera
Museu del Perfume
Casa Amatller
Casa Batllo
Placa de Catalunya
Fundacio Antoni Tapies
Placa Universitat
Bulevard Rosa
Casa Calvet
Barcelona Egyptian Museum
Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona
Roman Tombs
6am :
Breakfast at the hotel
Head out for the FC Barcelona game
Games usually start at mid-day but go there 3 hours before because festivals occur on the streets before games. You may want to try great Spaniard street cuisine.
The game last over 1 hr 30 minutes, see the world's greatest soccer team with the best player ever, Messi. Over the last 4 years they won 14 out of 19 possible trophies.
After the game go to Barca's Museum
Early in the Day:
Go to the beaches of the Mediterranean fairly close to Barcelona
Flight Home:
Plane leaves at 7:10 at the BCN
Home of the FC Barcelona Football Team
All Day
350 Euros for the 1st row seat
The stadium, refereed to as Camp Nou, is the largest stadium in Europe and the 13th largest in the world. It seats 99,786 people and has 23 executive suites. The stadium was build in 1954, and has had many uses through out the years. For example, Pope John Paul II celebrated mass for a congregation of over 121,000 on 17 November 1982, on the occasion being made an honorary citizen of Barcelona. With the purchase of the Museum Ticket, you are also given access to Camp Nou and multimedia areas.
23 Euros or $30 for the museum ticket
Current Event in Western Europe
I was watching the French Open Campionship Game, a major tennis event, yesterday, Sunday June 9, when the tennis match was interrupted by protesters. These protester yelled and made ruckus numerous times throughout the match. One of them even lit a flare and ran on to the court. This was quiet confusing, but as soon as he got on the court security took him down. I was curious to the intent of these protesters so I looked up what happened. Turns out this was an anti-gay marriage protest. A group called "Hommen" claimed responsibility for the protest on Facebook and Tumbler. The French president, Francois Hollande, last month signed bill allowing same-sex marriage, this was followed by a series of large, and sometimes violent demonstrations. During this demonstration, 12 people were evicted from the match and handed over to the French Police. Out if the stadium, there were groups of protester, asking for the resignation of President Hollande. Gay marriage is a highly debated topic in Face and the rest of Europe. There are many protests occurring in public areas and events. Be aware of the danger and the protesters when you go to events in Europe. Gay marriage is only one of the numerous topic people protest about. These protests are usually harmless, but be careful sometimes to not get involved. The police are not tolerant about these protests so don't get caught in them. Thankfully during after the French Open protest, the tennis game went on. In the end, Rafa Nadal won the championship with 3 set wins. This was his 8th consecutive French Open title, the first in history. Rafa is truly the Clay Court King and disputably the best tennis player in the world.
Budget Breakdown:
Airfares: $2,754 and $1,899, round trip $4,653
Travel between destinations: $769
Entrance and Excursion costs:
The Louvre: $14.39
Teirpark Zoo: $43.60
Zermatt: $600
Colosseum: $65
Vatican City: $318
Barca Stadium: $730
Hotel Costs:
Castille Paris: $519 x 2
Hilton Berlin: $1,561 x 2
Belevue Palace: $638 x 2
Jumeririal Grand: $1,364 x 3
Avenida Palace: $203 x2
Meals per day cost: $110.00 x 12
Souvenirs: $5,000
Grand Total:
cabs rides: $10.00 x 12
Total: $1,770,99
Total: $9,934
Total: $1,320
Total: $120
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