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faith layosa

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of nstp

Rationale Tutorial Objectives NSTP Objectives: Feeding Program

1. This project is designed to help the community in alleviating
malnourishment in the Barangay.

2. Main target of this program would be the children of the Barangay. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr National Service Training Program Act of 2001 Republic Act # 9163 3. To undertake preparatory work for literacy and numeracy training;

4. To undertake
actual literacy and
numeracy training; 1. To take an active part in community development by assuming the role of a community organizer;

2. To understand teaching methods and demonstrate teaching skills; 5. To promote civic consciousness among them and develop their physical,
moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being; and

6. To inculcate the ideals of patriotism, nationalism, and advance their involvement in public and civic affairs.

This project is designed to help children who haven’t attended any form of formal schooling gain basic knowledge.

Youth and adults are welcome to join the tutorial.

2. To give them numeracy and literacy training at least once a week for at least 10 weeks. Schedule of Activities Community Outreach Program Objectives:

1. To teach children of chosen community basic knowledge like identifying shapes,
colors, letters
and numbers.

3. To give same knowledge and training to anyone else interested within the community (one-on-one tutorial). Week 1: General Orientation
Getting to know each other

Week 2: Drawing of lines & curves
Game (Recognition of lines
and curves)
Drawing of Shapes
Game (Recognition of Shapes)

Week 3: Recognizing primary colors
Game (Bring me!)
Recognizing secondary colors

Week 4: Alphabet
Song Number

Week 5: Consonants (Part I)
Consonants (Part II)
Game Week 6: Identifying the letters of their
Writing letters

Week 7: Writing Names
Game (The Boat is sinking)

Week 8: Addition

Week 9: Subtraction

Week 10: Review Addition & Subtraction

Final Week: Graduation
Recognition Budget Proposal Health 1. To help the Barangay
to reduce the malnutrition; 2. To inform the parents of what are kind of food they will serve for their child; and 3. To provide the needs of nutritious food of the malnourished
  Seminars: 1. A(H1N1)

2. Dengue Budget Proposal Environment Objectives 2. To teach each citizen to protect nature; and 3. To establish a well disciplined relation of human beings with its ecology. 1. Tree Planting 1. To preserve a pollution-free environment;
Garbage segregation and putting plants along the road will help the environment in improving the ambiance of the community. 2. Clean Drive Objectives: 2. To develop the appearance of the community. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr 1. To encourage the community to clean and maintain the cleanliness of their area by segregating garbage. Budget Proposal: Livelihood 1. To help the community earn money for their financial needs;
2. Inspire and persuade them to earn money; and
3. To help the community become more progressive and independent. Budget Proposal: Agriculture Organic Farming Household Dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioner and powdered soap Objectives:
1. To help the livelihood of the community so that they will have their own livelihood while
they are resting or staying at their house;
2. To ensure that the members can meet the amortization requirements for the housing
program. 45 Days and Salted Egg Objectives:
1. To develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of the people and improve their knowledge and appreciation on the value of money and household financial management in general;

2. To develop livelihood activities which the people can manage themselves effectively, and which augment incomes and provides employment in the area. Budget Proposal (For 45 Days) Budget Proposal (For Salted Egg) Budget Proposal Chocolate making, polvoron and pastillas Objectives:
1. To mobilize local savings and provide an effective mechanism for its safe keeping and utilization, particularly for investments in various livelihood activities.

2.To ensure that the members can meet the amortization requirements for the housing
program. Budget Proposal (Chocolate) Budget Proposal (Pastillas) Budget Proposal (Polvoron) Summary of Budget Proposal Thank You! Timetable
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