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All about me

No description

Jess Burchett

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of All about me

All about me My family My sister, Eva My sister is everything I want in a sister. She's fast learning, very giggly and loves playing with things she's not meant to! My Mum She's everything a Mum should be. She's always there if I'm upset and she's a great cook! She's there to congratulate me on achievements and she is a wonderful teddy when you need a hug. My Dad My Dad is actually my step dad but he's an excellent father figure. He's a whiz at maths as he's a teacher and he's always teaching me new things everyday. I express myself through art and design and I also love using my imagination! I sketch and paint all the time when I'm at home and enjoy art at school as well. Homework Art My Hobbies Piano I listen and play piano nearly all the time! I am in grade 3 right now as I passed my grade 2 piano exam with a Merit. I'm quite a fan of Beethoven's music and the piano pieces composed by Carter Burwell Homework can seem a strange hobby to have but I enjoy it. I find that it's something to do if your a bit bored, and you find out lots of interesting things, especially if it's computer technology, facts throughout history or facts on science. I even enjoy making up my own homework to do! Ellie Megan Katie Mahri Kelly Sydney Friends Sydney's a very giggly and happy girl who is very chatty! She's never let me down and has always been a wonderful friend. She's a quiet and smart girl and a great friend - she's always thinking of others and she is rather funny! My holidays Devon and Scotland Devon - 2009 Scotland - 2010 She's a wonderful friend and is always there when your feeling down and she always brightens the day with her silly jokes. Katie's a wonderful girl with a great sense of humor. She's always making me smile and she's always been there to help me. Megan has been my friend since she started year 5 at Dussindale. She always knows what to do and is very supportive. She's full of compliments and jokes! Ellie is a determined girl who always has something to say. She is a lovely friend who never stops laughing and has always been there to help. My name is Jess Burchett, my favourite lessons are Maths and Art, I am grade 3 in piano and my favourite colour is red. In my Family I have three sets of grandparents, three Uncles, two Aunts, two cousins, a Mum and Dad, and a sister. I also have a dog called Kira. That's what there is to know about me! We saw owls... ... when we went to the miniture model village... ...I even got to hold a snowy owl... We stayed in a log cabin... ...and I got to ride a horse whilst I was there... When we went to Bekky Falls I helped bring the horses back to their field... ...and I saw a giant rabbit. My pet dog: Kira Kira is an 8 year old Husky who came into the family 2 years ago. She's a very unusual husky as she hates the cold and loves the sun so much that she sunbathes! Although she does love to play in snow. We saw many castles including the William Wallace monument... This is the William Wallace monument... It was very windy whilst we were there... We also traveled up Ben Nevis... In a cable car.
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