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Special Populations Movie Presentation

by Brittany A. Davies, Galileo School for Gifted Learning

Brittany Davies

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Special Populations Movie Presentation

Movie Review by:
Brittany A. Davies Special Populations of Gifted Learners This movie tells the story of a young boy who shows characteristics of ASD and Gifted traits. He experiences the tragic loss of his father during 9/11 and makes it his mission to discover the lock for a key he has discovered in an envelope labeled "Brown." We believe he belongs to a special population of gifted learners, like those we have learned about in our class. Why we chose Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close -Oskar is a 9-year old boy who has multiple-exceptionalities.
-He is driven and determined to unmask the relationship of a key to his deceased father.
-During his trips, he consistently taps a tambourine for reassurance, similar to a trait we have seen in an ASD student at our school who rings a bell.
-He shows several of the characteristics of the gifted checklist.

Key Movie Concepts and Understandings We believe the primary use of this movie will
be for awareness.
This movie is able to present a multi-exceptional child, and allow you as the viewer to relate and almost understand.
It also gives the viewpoint of his mother, who is loving and does everything she can to keep her son safe on his missions (even without his knowledge.) In a way, she plays the role of the teacher that we play each day in these students lives.

We would recommend this movie through conversation or adding it to a list of movies about profoundly gifted, as well as special populations of gifted students to increase both teacher and parent understanding. How We Will Use this Movie: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
(Movie, 2011)

Gifted Characteristic Checklist

Resources from Special Populations of Gifted Course
(Bryan Allen, 2012: References Questions,
Comments, and Concerns? Presentation Prepared and Created by:
Brittany Davies

for Special Populations of Gifted Learners Course Thank You!
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