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Developing Good Character

No description

Nakazi Glover

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Developing Good Character

Developing Good Character VAlues- your standards or beliefs Self Control Character Self RESPECT Actions that promote self respect Out of the 7 building blocks for good character,
which traits best describe you? Self Evaluation The traits that describe you are your values Compassion-sensitive to the needs/wants for others and you are forgiving. Good citizenship-obeying laws & rules, show respect for authority
& protect environment. Fairness-do not take advantage of others Respect-treat others as you want to be treated & refrain from violence. Responsibility-do what you promise and accountable for your own decisions. Trustworthiness-dependable, loyal, honest Honesty-refuse to lie, steal, or mislead anyone Ability to control your emotions, behavior, and desires. Good character = A person who uses self control to act on responsible
values. Delayed Gratification-
voluntarily postponing an immediate reward
in order to complete a task before enjoying
the reward.
When you have good character, self control
helps you delay gratification Do you have self respect? How to develop self respect... *make a character check are you proud of your actions? make a list of responsible values do your actions
reflect your values? *Control the belief statements that motivate you. What do you believe about yourself? *Choose actions that promote self respect "Actions speak louder than words!" Having a high regard for oneself Pay attention to your appearance--you feel more confident when you look your best Review list of responsible actions often-- give yourself credit for behaving in responsible ways Be a friend to yourself by enjoying activities by yourself-- being by yourself allows quiet time to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings Write your feelings in a journal--a way to vent and review what you have written to gain self knowledge Make spending time with members of family or mentor a priority-- they believe in you and think you are special so they will encourage you and help you change your attitude Care for other people the way you would like them to care for you. Let other people know what helps you feel special. Support the interests of family members and friends & ask them to support your interest. Ask family members and friends which of your actions show you have character. Get plenty of exercise to generate feelings of well being. Do you promote your own values? Do you have self control? Why or why not? In what way have you delayed gratification? Are your beliefs about yourself positive or negative? What helps you feel special?
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