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Banned and Challenged Books

In class presentation.

Abby Charron

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Banned and Challenged Books

Banned and Challenged Books
By Abby Charron
Night Chills by Dean Koontz Dean His wife Gerda Fun Facts About the Author
His books are published in 38 different languages.
He has sold over 400,000,000 million copies, about 17 million per year.
Born and raised in Pennsylvania. Background info on Night Chills
Is mostly about mind control, greed, and power.
Death, violence, and sex are continously found.
Realistic and science fiction mix.
Thrilling and suspensefull. Dean Koontz, an award winning author, has, along with many other authors, become a victim to the process that is banning books due to the questionable nature within these literary works. Night Chills has been banned for sexually explict content
in Wamego, Kansas at Wamego High, this is an excerpt of
the school's banned books list:
Koontz, Dean--Night Chills--explicit sexual incidents Should other people, besides yourself, be allowed
to decide what is best for you to view and read? Although Night Chills is a great book, it is most definately
not suitable for children below the high school grade level.
Many authors have been banned and challenged for sexual
content, profanity, religious view points and so much more;
Night Chills is no exception. Works Cited

“Banned &Challenged Books.” Library Media Center (Wamego High). September 19 2008. Web. February 23 2011.

"Dean Koontz." 2011. Web. February 23 2011.
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