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Articles of Confederation vs Declaration of Independence.

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Richard Sims

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Articles of Confederation vs Declaration of Independence.

Articles of Confederation vs Declaration of Independence.
The Articles of Confederation initially established a weak national government that consisted of a one-house legislature called Congress. Each state had only one vote. The chief executive (President) did not exist, and neither did the national court system. With the weaknesses of the Articles, the Congress could not pay soldiers after the Revolutionary War.
Declaration of Independence
• Created in 1776.
• The Declaration of Independence stated that America would be separate from Great Britain.
• It eventually started the Revolutionary War.
• The main writer of the declaration was Thomas Jefferson.
• Georgia had mixed reactions and feelings because it was still fairly loyal to Britain.
The Declaration of Independence was approved of and signed a year after the battles of Lexington and Concord. The document contained 1,458 words. There were three parts to the document. The first part was called the Preamble. The document itself declared war against Great Britain for their freedom and independence from colonization.
The Articles of Confederation
• Very weak
• Ratified in 1781
• Could not establish trade with other countries.
• The articles were rewritten by Congress and replaced by the U.S. Constitution.
• Each state had its own money system.
Venn Diagram
Articles of Confederation
By Richard Sims
8th Grade
Coan Middle School

•Both are documents.
•Both were written to change the way something was.
•Both were either changed or sdded to at one point.

• Signed after the Declaration.
• Created a weak government
• Could not regulate trade.
• Rewritten as the U.S. Constitution.
• Signed in 1776.
• Main writer was Thomas Jefferson.
• 3 Georgians signed the bill: Lyman Hall, George Walton, Button Gwinnett
•Made the colonies into one nation.
Declaration of Independence
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