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Mr. Parr Weather Songs

Feel free to explore by mouse- although there is a path

Autumn H

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Mr. Parr Weather Songs

Mr. Parr Weather Songs With reflecting Song One Different weather fronts
bring different weather. Reminder Make sure to remember the lyrics Reminder Enjoy songs Mr.Parr Songs Realisation Quick Fact Weather Songs You will listen to many Mr. Parr songs and
you will reflect on each one. You can sing along but sing the science words
that appear on the screens of the
videos. Have fun! Weather Instruments Playing Song three... The Water Cycle Weather Lessons Song One Questions What is in Flight? Water Droplets What comes after Evaporation? Condensation Surface _________________ Runoff Question Area Song 1 Answers Song 2 Answers Song 3 Answers Song 4 Answers Song 5 Answers Song 6 Answers Listen to all songs
Answer all questions Notes: Song Two Weather Fronts Song 2 Questions What happens when warm
air meets cold? A Standoff Inland In Asian Land Which direction does a sea
breeze move? Where do monsoons happen? Note Write down answers
to questions. Weather Videos Do you see the bread in this sandwich? Did you know that without the water cycle,
you would not be enjoying sandwiches? Do you like sandwiches? Why? You may ask. That bread is made from wheat. Wheat needs water to grow, and as long as water keeps recycling here on earth we will always have water to grow wheat, which is turned into bread that is used for sandwiches. So you need the Water Cycle and quick amazing facts Quick Fact This is your lucky
weather day. Make your answer paper look like this: Name:_______________ Date:__________ Weather Music Video Answers Song one
_____________ Song two
_____________ Song three
_____________ Song four
_____________ Song five
_____________ Song six
_____________ Right:____ Wrong:____ Song Three Questions Satellites orbit and _______ What does the rain gauge measure? What does a Doppler do? fly rain height reflects rain size Quick Fact Mercury is what is inside
a thermometer. It rises
in the glass when it gets
hot. Instead of Fahrenheit scientists use a scale called Kelvin. Song four
Atmosphere Song five Thunderstorms Song Four Questions Where will life be found? What absorbs the rays of the sun? ozone (stratosphere) troposphere Where do planes fly? stratosphere Quick Fact The biosphere is the part of the
troposphere where life can exist. This
goes upwards, from the Earth's surface to the maximum height where birds can fly. Through photosynthesis, plants take the carbon dioxide from atmosphere, releasing oxygen. Through respiration, plants and animals consume oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide. Ever wonder how high birds can fly in the atmosphere? List Five Questions Going to shake up like a ______ soda What can changing air pressure
cause? rapid air movements Need to know if air pressure
is about to ________ blow Lightning strikes can be
very dangerous if hit by
one. Don't go outside
when there's a
thunderstorm. Quick Fact Song Six Like an F6 For more Mr. Parr songs click this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/ParrMr Song Six Questions Write down what scale
(F-0, F-1, ext.) Some damage to chimneys, branches breaking
off the trunk. F-0 Severe, walls of homes come down, taking
trees right from the forest. F-3 Winds over 400 miles per. hour, we may never see this. F-6 Tornadoes are DANGEROUS!!! Thanks for watching!!!
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