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DQ 5 Student Engagement for ASOT

No description

Debi Herndon

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of DQ 5 Student Engagement for ASOT

What is INCONSEQUENTIAL competition?

Missing information or a discrepant event

How do we increase it?
Talk a Mile a Minute
"Researchers agree that engaged students learn more, retain more, and enjoy learning activities more than students who are not engaged.
High energy
Missing information
The self-system
Mild pressure
Mild controversy and competition

My students were really engaged in this lesson!

Quick write on a lesson you taught that really engaged your students.
Thinking of a time where you were engaged as a learner and answer the following question on the lower half of the page.
How Did you Feel?
Why were you Interested?
Why was it Important?
Did you feel Confident?

Games Focused on Academic content
A Review of DQ 5 Elements
24. Noticing and Reacting when Students are not Engaged
25. Using Academic Games
26. Managing Response Rates
27. Using Physical Movement
28. Maintaining a Lively Pace
29. Demonstrating Intensity and Enthusiasm
30. Using Friendly Controversy
31. Providing an Opportunity for Students to Talk about Themselves
32. Presenting Unusual or Intriguing Information

Discuss your observations
on physical movement
related to academics in your
table groups. Please be
ready to share one
How do we plan for pacing??
Pacing and flow of activity are mentioned in almost every discussion of effective classroom management.
Marzano, Robert J. in "The Art and Science of Teaching"
29. Demonstrating Intensity and Enthusiasm
The teacher demonstrates intensity and enthusiasm for the content in a variety of ways.

Read the article assigned to your group and "jigsaw" the information with the group
Provide time for the SELF ...
What does this look like?
Share a good example from teachers you have observed with someone whose name is close to yours in the alphabet.

It is primarily the teacher's responsibility to engage the students, as opposed to the teacher expecting students to come to class natually and automatically engaged.

Take a moment to reflect on your belief of this statement.
Dr Richard Jones "Strengthening Student Engagement" 2008
After sharing your "piece of the puzzle" with your group please chart the key ideas related to engagement on the chart paper.
Please hang your sheet in the front of the room when you are finished.
DQ 5: Student Engagement
Research on Student Engagement
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