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self-harm #2

No description

Julia Paton

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of self-harm #2

Julia, Meghan, and Sarah Self-Harm The Beginning of the End The Evidence The Actions Back To the Basic True or False? Signs that people are enduring self-harm is sometimes hard to tell because of the hidden pain or stress that can be covered by a calm face. They can isolate themselves for long periods of time but clothing can only hide the physical evidence.

Visual signs are:
-Possession of sharp objects or cutting instruments
-Unnatural bruises
-Hair loss
-Cuts or badly scratched skin The Strings Attached Mental Illness: Self-Harm
"I wanna sunburn, just to know that I'm alive''
~Angels On the Moon: Thriving Ivory Individual Therapists Here To Help True or False? People who Self-harm just want attention. True or False? Only teenage girls self-injure. Group Therapy Here and now group therapy
Phone: 416-912-3374
Email: tony@hereandnowtherapy.ca
Skype: tony.greco.here.and.now.therapy
Location: 257 Perth Avenue Toronto Ontario True or False? If you are in an emergency and you need help fast you can visit these websites:
- crct.org
- kidshelpphone.ca
- helpguide.org
- mind.org Even More Help Bibliography Images:
- Google Images Self-harm: Anything that is done by yourself to intentional injure.
Without proper knowledge you can hurt yourself badly, even if you don't mean to. It's easy to misjudge the depth of a cut or end up with an infection. Self inflicted injury can become addictive, starts off at impulse, then controls your actions. Cutting is not the only form of self injury. Self harm is usually a failed suicide attempt? The causes severity varies depending on the person but psychological reasons can be as harsh a traumatic experiences. There's three types of causes: emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.
-Difficult relationships with friends/partners.
-Difficulties at School/work.
-Being a victim of bullying home or at school.
-Worries about money.
-Drug or alcohol abuse.
-Uncertain; gay or bisexual.
-Traumatic experience
-Domestic abuse
-Miscarriage FALSE Although people who self-injure may be at higher risk of suicide than others, those who commit suicide attempts use completely different means than self inflicted violence. self-harm affects a person-who-has-no-other-way-to-cope with the problems in their life. Saying only teenage girls self-harm is the equivalent of saying only girls have life issues. FALSE People who self-injure are crazy and should be locked up. FALSE Self injures are in fact NOt crazy. Committing self-inflicted-violence, SIV, does not classify you as crazy it just means you cannot express your emotions in words. The vast majority of wounds or neither life threatening nor require medical treatment. FALSE If attention was the motivation for self injury it is not the efficient way of getting attention. people who self-harm do not flaunt it. The most misunderstood statement of self-harm is that it is only cutting, but that's not true! There is also:
-Burning or Scalding
-Hitting or banging your head
-Throwing things or yourself against sharp objects or walls
-Sticking objects into your skin
-Intentionally preventing wounds from healing
-Swallowing poisonous substances or inappropriate objects
- driving recklessly
-binge drinking
- overdosing on drugs The problem with self-harm is that relief doesn't last long. Along with addiction self-harm brings: a burden of keeping a secret, feeling ashamed and misunderstood, secrecy and guilt that affects relationships. It can bring infections from wounds or sharing tools used. Major
depression is also attached. Along with drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately also permanent scars. Worst of all it might bring suicide. There are many different ways to get help for self-harm such as:
-telling a trusted adult or friend
-visiting a councilor or therapist
-online therapists and different websites
-go through treatment
-facilities with classes are offered
-medication for anxiety and depression
can make you less likely to self-harm The mindful clinic offers many different therapists that will you with your every need. Example of doctors are:
- Dr. Paul Kelly
- Raha Mirian
- Dr. Jan Fleming
- Laurisa Dill
- Dr. Wendy Carter
- Simone Moir
- Nazihah Niazi
- Nathalie Lovasz 700 Bay Street Suite 2200
P.O Box 156
Toronto Ontario
M5G 126 Phone: 416-847-7118
Toll Free: 866-848-7118
Fax: 416-597-9087
Email: info@themindfulnessclinic.ca Jason Winkler
Bloor Court Therapy
823A Bloor Street West- 2nd floor
Toronto Ontario
Phone: 416-378-8344
Email: jason@jasonwinkler.com Lakeridge Health is one of Ontario's largest community hospitals. The care they provide is unbelievable and they will be able to help you in a matter of seconds no matter your health issue.
Phone: 905-576-8711 ext 4402
Email: patientrelations@lakeridgehealth.on.ca If you are in need of major help there are facilities that offer you a place to stay and help you with your health problem and keep you safe for the time you are there. A great place for young women that is worth moving half way across the country is Mercy Ministry of Canada.
Location: 19465 16th Avenue Surrey BC
Phone: 1-604-535-1983 Individual Therapy offers you support, a place to talk, gain knowledge on this issue and help you heal inside and out. Group therapy is another popular form of help because it can give you the feeling of belonging. When you are with other people who are dealing with the same things as you it can help you admit to your behavior and try and find a positive solution. Information:
- Google
- lyricsfind.com
- Mr. MacDonald's Book
- www.lifescript.com
- www.lakeridgehealth.on.ca http://therearescarsandbloodallover.tumblr.com/image/42900215985 This is the guide that will teach you all you need to know about self harm!
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