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History of Hair

No description

Brittany Packard

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of History of Hair

Hairstyles "I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong."

Steven Patrick Morrissey Contrary to popular belief... The powdered wigs we all know about did not come into play until late in the Renaissance. The Powdered Wig Era Powdered wigs were popular among people starting from the 1600's and continuing through the 1700's. Hair through the years... The Evolution of Hair It is evident that hairstyles have changed throughout the course of time: But how did we get there? The Renaissance Era Ornate jewels and gold nets were worn in the hair of wealthy women. Head-coverings were worn my merchants and peasants to disguise dirty hair. 1300-1600 Period marked for the spread of intellect, as well as the black plague. Poor sanitation and hygiene habits left left hair dirty and matted. Powdered wigs were worn by the wealthy, starting circa 1600. look at those cuties They were popular mostly among the wealthy and well known. Everyday people wore hats to disguise their dirty hair. Because personal hygiene was not up to today's standards, the powdered wigs disguised the smell and look of dirty hair. The Nineteenth Century Towards the end of the 1700's wigs became less popular and by the 1800's were no longer worn. Ladies often wore very tall and extravagant hairstyles that required various contraptions such as cages to hold the them. The Everyday Hairstyles: 1800's The Twentieth Century: 1900-1919...because the 20's were a different time. The turn of the century saw a return of natural beauty and natural hairstyles. Large hair pieces were no longer worn, women instead wore large brim hats. Hairstyles were loose and much simpler than the complex hairstyles seen in the 1800's. loose buns Fancy large brim hats The 1920's The 20's were marked by the flappers and vamps. Woman cut their hair and their skirts short. Hair was wavy and playful symbolizing active and rebellious women. The 1940's The 1940's were a time of war in the United States as well as around the world. Women began taking the jobs of men in factories to keep the country running. Factory owners often made women tie their hair and sometimes wrap it in a scarf to prevent it from getting caught in machinery. Old Hollywood Hair Women in the 1940's wanted to imitate the look of Hollywood bombshell Veronica Lake. Lake's hair was long, parted to one side and in waves. The 1960's and 1970's Hair in the 1960's and 1970's was long for both men and women. With the success of the Beatles men began wearing their hair long. Long hippie-like hairstyles were also popular among young people. The 80's The 80's were marked by extremely eccentric hairstyles. The 80's were also marked by the beginning of the punk and grunge styles People dyed their hair bright colors and cut it into styles such as Mohawks. Hairstyles Today Today's hairstyles are clearly different than the strange styles of the past. Women today wear much more natural styles than the styles of the 1700's and 1800's. Sideswept bangs and long layers are popular among many women for their face framing effect. At-home styling... Women today also rely on themselves for their hair styling. They are visiting the salon less frequently and taking lessons on styling, dying and even trimming their hair from magazines and online tutorials. There are countless hair videos on youtube that teach the public how to style their hair in the most popular styles. You've seen for yourself that we have gone on quite the hairy journey. I wonder where we'll go next... Rosie the Riveter Hair Bands No, not these hair bands. These hair bands. "Hair Bands" were quite popular during the 1980's. Members had large, crazy locks that were often the focus of their looks.
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