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e Fellow - take 2

No description

Vicki Hagenaars

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of e Fellow - take 2

Vicki Hagenaars e-fellow Application -
Part 1B and 1C

eLearning Culture at WIS
Expose my colleagues to new ideas - Interface magazine subscription, Professional readings, VLN group and other resources.
Encourage uptake of online tools through introduction to staff and 1-1 lessons as needed.
Encourage digital citizenship teaching
Encouraged movement away from one-off lessons to more inquiry-based use of computing.
Part of the Senior Management Team in this area - lead e-learning development with new ideas and concepts from the communities I belong to.
I lead by example - my class is often visited by teachers from within WIS and from other schools
Innovative Teaching
INQUIRY - into how we learn, what we learn and the world around the students.
Using Web 2.0 tools such as Prezi, Voicethread, Padlet, linking my iPad to the IWB through Airserver, LEARNZ... All to make learning more engaging and relevant
Blogging - goals on the Ultranet each week, class blog (although this has been difficult with a full timetable and my absence in 2013)
We work as a Learning Community, eg having students with high reading ability work with those not so well off to understand web based material. They are encouraged to challenge each other.
Kodu - Introduced to this at Ulearn12. Using it with my class as a creative tool which means they are no longer just consuming but beginning to create web content.
Saw the need for this in our school at the VPLD face-to-face hui, 2012. Brought to my Principal's attention
I worked through the application to the Ministry for this with minor assistance from my Principal
Developed the steering committee within the school - mixed ability with technology deemed essential!
Initially our facilitator led us through the elearning Planning Framework and surveys to discover where we were at.
A 3 year Strategic Plan, meant to be fluid as elearning is changing quickly, was developed in small groups and is ready for staff to implement.
eLearning Leadership
School representative on the GWEN committee
Presented regarding Learning Environments at Ulearn 12
Member of the elearning committee as an Intermediate voice at Wanganui Girls College
Asked to co-ordinate a presenting team for VPLD face-to-face Hui.
With my Principal, I am now a member of the BeL leadership group for lower North Island. Meet on the VLN and occasionally face to face
Completing and Disseminating my Research
Current evidence:
Term 3 2013 - Sabbatical.
Research and findings presented as a blog:

Methods of Gathering Data:
A working community in the VLN is a must.
A Weebly, Ultranet or similar web page could be developed
A Moodle or MyPortfolio page developed
Methods of Disseminating my Research:
Webinar via the VLN or VPLD communities
Presenting my findings at Ulearn14
Maintaining a reflective blog
An article for Interface
Other methods my mentors may suggest
Our Class Blog - 2012
Poseidon's Kermadec
Presenting at the
VPLD Hui, 2013
Innovation and Leadership in e-Learning
Innovative methods to disseminate my research

Steering group in discussion
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