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Family Report

A report by Tyler! :-)

Tyler Clement

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of Family Report

My Family Report Introduction My family report compares me, my mum and my grandma (three generations). It contains health & diet, school life, family life and family backgrounds. In the conclusion, I mention who had the best life as a 10 year old from my point of view. Health and Diet From studying our health and diet when we were at age 10, we all had a healthy diet, lots of exercise and none of us had much takeaway. None of my family members smoke, while most of mum and grandma’s family members did, as it was not considered a bad thing. Me and mum both liked vegetables, and grandma HATED her vegies. Grandma didn’t have any lemonade either, while mum and I did. Me and grandma liked scones, cakes, pork, lamb and mashed potato. Mum doesn’t like pork, lamb or mashed potato to this day! I think that mum and grandma had a much healthier lifestyle, and a lot more fresh food. School Life Mum, grandma and I all had/are having a great time at school. We all liked school, had homework, had nice teachers, and none of us really had many bullies at our schools. Mum and grandma didn’t have to wear hats or a uniform to school. Grandma had the cane, but it was hardly ever used. She didn’t have a canteen, air conditioning, detentions or a reward system, while mum and I didn’t have the cane, but we had detentions and reward systems. Grandma and I had to sit for exams , while Mum didn’t really. Mum and Grandma didn’t have lockers either, and they had 30-35 kids in a class. I only have about 25-30 kids in my class though. I guess the teachers can’t handle it these days! (No offense Mrs Holmes!) Family Background We all have always been in WA. We were all born here. Grandma’s mum was a bar manager, and her dad was a soldier and a draper. He was lucky to survive the war! Mum’s mum and dad were in the horse racing/training business, as well as farming. That means that Grandma was in the horse racing business too, as well as a shop assistant. Mum is a public servant working for Fisheries. All of our parents worked/ are working, and I am the only one without a job. Grandma and I were both born in the urban area, while mum was born out in Kellerberrin. I don’t know if this is part of Family Background or not, but we all have middle names. When I grow up, I probably want to be either a archaeologist, computer engineer or something else. (I don’t know!) Family Life Mum, grandma and I all had siblings. We also all played with friends after school. Mum and grandma played in the streets after school, and did not play organised sports after school either, while I really enjoy my after school cricket training. Mum and I did/ do not live close to school. Grandma only lived about 2oom away. Grandma didn’t have many modern electrical appliances, like a TV. Mum and I probably couldn’t live without TV, though! Also, grandma only played with kids that lived near, as she just lived in a small town with about 50 people. We all had/ have siblings, too, and I guess playing in the streets isn’t really part of the modern child’s life, so that’s probably why I don’t play in the streets. Mum and I also played with kids that lived close and kids that lived further away. Conclusion In conclusion, I think we all had a great life, but if I had to choose the best, it would definitely be Grandma’s, because she just lived in a small village with 50 people. She just had a general store, a pub and a few other things like a butcher and a milk bar. She only had a small school, which was located in the village. I think it would be awesome to live in a village like this, because you would know everyone, and everyone would know you. From the stories Grandma has told me, shopkeepers gave kids free lollies, and everything was real and cheap. I just think it would be great, even though there wasn’t any technology or anything. Also, all grandma’s food came straight from the source, so it was all fresh, and nothing was processed. Another great thing is that she had cream in her milk. Yum!  I would have loved to be alive back then.
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