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Medival Africa Quiz

No description

elijah sa

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Medival Africa Quiz

Medieval Africa was poor and disease ridden.
False. With the effects of slavery and false media it influences a derogatory image of Africa. It has diseases and poor people just like America does. While the poverty rate is high... that is not all what Africa is about.
Medieval Africa was dangerous and violent.
True/false. Its just like saying America is dangerous and violent. This really depends on your opinion because there is danger and violence everywhere you go.
Medieval Africa had a terrible trade system.
False. You could say the trade was terrible but there are very good reasons to say it was not. They were able to trade gold, salt, fish. etc
Africa had high technology.
True. It did not have phones or laptops but during the time nobody did. They created many tools that they used for farming and everything else they did.
Africa was made up of all desert.

False. Africa has rainforests, desserts, and Mountain terrain.
True or False quiz answers
* note: A lot of these questions can be answered with different opinions. We are just using what we have learned from our research papers to say which ones could be true and which ones could be false.
Thanks for participating!
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