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APA presentation

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Ryan Stevens

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of APA presentation

First of all, APA stands for American Psychological Association style...goes with our theme
APA style developed by social scientists to standardize scientific writing
Format example of manuscript is identical to MLA (like we all grew up on)....
e.g. double spaced
Times New Roman
indent every paragraph
aline left side straight, leave right side ragged APA:
The Default Style for Social Science IN TEXT CITATIONS How does your citation style cite sources in the final works cited and bibliographic page? Heading centered
Alphabetized by authors' last names
All lines after the first line of each entry indented
All sources listed are cited in the text Chicago Style (CMS) The Roman citizen was instantly recognized by his toga (See Illustration 1) and the Roman army by his uniform (See Picture 2) The political structure of the Roman Empire was affected by the way that its citizens had behaved during the various times, including their religion, their social structure, gender relations and economics. Example of the bibliographic citation of Laster, Molot, and Zilniks article of:
"Growing sustainable peace: Student Solutions for a sustainable future Single Author: (Authors Last Name, Year of Publication)
Multiple Authors: (Last Name, Last Name, Year of Publication)
Works By Associations (Name of Association, Year of Publication)
No Author: ("First 3 Words of Title," Year of Publication)
Anonymous Author: (Anonymous, Year of Publication) Main difference - In text citations
Use a superscript to refer to bibliography
Used in: Historical Journals & American Anthro Association IN TEXT CITATION EXAMPLES Single Author: In fact, even the regions of today’s Yorubaland that are most isolated from European influence have, formany centuries, been crossroads of mutual influence and intercourse with the ancestors of the Nupe, the Hausa, and the other peoples of the Islamic world (Matory, 1999). Multiple Authors: Furthermore, 44% of college students report binge drinking within the past 2 weeks (Wechsler, Lee, Kuo, & Lee, 2000). Works by Associations: Participants completed the National College Health Assessment (American College Health Association, 2005), a comprehensive measure of health-related behaviors, consequences of such behaviors, and various risk factors. No Author: A similar study was done of students learning to format research papers ("Using APA," 2001). Below is an example of the
final works cited page of the APA bibliography. Referenced from The Sea Gull Handbook. If all else fails, and you lose the Sea Gull Handbook, use this website to correct all your troubles http://citationmachine.net/index2.php?reqstyleid=2&newstyle=2&stylebox=2
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