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Integrating Smart Tablets into Instruction Sessions

LIRT Summit 2012 by Angela Colmenares

Angela Colmenares

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Integrating Smart Tablets into Instruction Sessions

Integrating Smart Tablets into Instruction Sessions
LIRT Summit 2012 by Angela Colmenares Understanding the Need for M-Learning M-Learning Defined "In general, mobile learning -- or m-learning -- can be viewed as any form of learning that happens when mediated through a mobile device" The Future of Mobile Learning ECAR study shows that
"more than half of undergraduates own smartphones"
"two in five use them to supplement their academic work
"within five years, 1 billion people worldwide are expected to access the Internet via their mobile devices. Oller, R. (2012).The Future of Mobile Learning. EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research. http://www.educause.edu/ecar Pearson Foundation Study
Tablet Ownership 2011 7% college students & 4% high school seniors
2012 25% college students & 17% high school seniors
36% college students & 26% college-bound seniors
plan to buy a tablet in the next 6 months Pearson Foundation. (2012). New survey finds dramatic increase in tablet ownership among college students and high school seniors. http://www.pearsonfoundation.org The Bottom Line:

We need to understand what roles mobile learning technology such as smart tablets can play in our own library instruction environments. Your Users & Smart Technology Do they have smart phones? Dumb phones?
Do they have smart tablets? E-Reader Tablets?
If surveying your users is not feasible, look for technology use studies at institutions similar to yours Survey Your Users
Off the hook?
Campus Leader for technology
Is it a need?
Consider acquiring a handful or class set of smart tablets if needed
Consider pairs or small groups activities that include the use of smart technology Accommodating Your Users Group Learning Project 1. Identify IL- Related Objective
2. Identify Audience
3. Identify Discipline
4. Incorporate 1-2 Smart Tablet/Phone Apps
5. Incorporate 1-2 Mobile Websites/Databases
6. Assessment Plan Learning Outcomes -Discuss the Concept of M-Learning
-Improve knowledge of how to incorporate "smart
technologies" into an instruction session Sample Project Using a scenario provided (or one of your own),
your group will create a portion of an instruction session that will address the expressed need and incorporate the use of smart technology
(20 minutes) Group Learning Project - The Goal Scenario: Undergraduate Literature Majors
need to organize their research to help
convert that information into knowledge. Proposed Instruction Session 1. IL-Related Objective: Organize Research
2. Audience: Undergraduates
3. Discipline: Literature Majors
4. Assessment Plan: Formative & Informal (email a screen shot of organization)
5. 1-2 Apps Selected: Inspiration & EBSCOhost
6. 1-2 Mobile Sites: JSTOR Basic Template in Inspiration - a Mind Mapping App Your Turn! In small to medium groups, please create a portion of an instruction session that addresses your scenario.
1-3 is information given to you in the scenario. 1. Identify IL-Related Objective (given by scenario)
2. Identify Audience (given by scenario)
3. Identify Discipline (given by scenario)
4. Include 1-2 Apps (Smart tablet/smart phone)
5. Include 1-2 Mobile Websites
6. Assessment Plan (1 minute paper, etc.) Share your group's ideas with your peer groups! Questions? Contact me:

Angela Colmenares
ANC034@shsu.edu Please complete the feedback form! El-Hussein, M. O., & Croje, J. C. (2010). Defining mobile learning in the higher education landscape. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 13(3), 12-21. Infographic: ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2012 Infographic: ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2012 I don't have all the answers
I have ideas: let's work together to see what we can come up with! Working Together App & Web Tool Compilation Resource -
Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

Bloomin' Apps collections with Apps organized according to the digital Bloom's Taxonomy and compiled by Smart Technology's Common Operating Systems Knowing Our Resources
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