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Urban Technology Project: Fundraising Ideas for FY 2013

No description

Amanda Cameron

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Urban Technology Project: Fundraising Ideas for FY 2013

UTP: Development for FY 2013 UTP as a Brand Alumni Support In Kind Donations (Individual giving) Crowdsourcing Events What are our goals? Grant Writing UTP Website Corporate and Institutional
Donations Print Materials Contains a great deal of information about organization
Visual language could be more elegant
More negative space is needed visually
Text should be far more concise and effective, otherwise it will not be read
Brochure should show rather than tell
Letterhead should create instant brand recognition
clear, concise and consistent
Uses visual language whenever possible
Design is user-friendly
Design represents your product Why Re-brand? "Your brand is the truth about you, well told."'

-Anonymous “In the public’s eye, a brand is a warranty. It is a promise that
the service carrying that brand will live up to its name, and perform.”

-Harry Beckwith, Selling the Invisible
Professional young people solving problems
Young people taking control of their careers and lives and serving the community
Uniform = beginning of brand recognition
Americorps Relationship
Introducing technology to disenfranchized communities
Bridging digital divide Urban Technology Project Brand Strengths: Update information and dates so they are current
Structure so that it is easily updated from year to year
Update visual language so that it is elegant and user friendly
Create visual language consistent with all other branding
Create Letterhead and brochures that reflect program
Create Print and Digital Materials that are visually consistent and not overly wordy
The DSFs and CSSs and their work should be central to it
Visually it should have a technological bend to it
Our marketing materials should reflect the professional nature of the program and its members Practical Applications: What are our needs? Volunteers for events
Teachers for Supplemental IT Workshops for DSFs
i.e. Wordpress, HMTL5, etc
A support network for current and former DSFs. Creating a strong alumni outreach campaign
Direct mail, email blast, social media outreach
Holding an alumni-specific networking event and inviting other local industry professionals of our acquaintance
At said alumni event, selling UTP swag, food, etc or holding in a place where we will get a cut off the proceeds. How can we accomplish these goals? Definition: Materials or services donated to a project. The value of the materials or services can be estimated in financial terms What is an In Kind Donation? Computers or other materials donated to program
Tickets or passes to a tech event donated to DSFs
Professionals donating time to teach a workshop to DSFs Examples of In Kind Donations Partnerships with local nonprofits
Outreach to local IT professionals
ASK, and keep asking
Trading services with a local organization How do we get in kind donations? Seeking funding from a large pool of potential
donors online using social media and email. What is crowdsourcing? Crowdrise
Etc Examples of Crowdsourcing Platforms: Great for Publicity
Social in nature
Require a space, food, tables, security, liability insurance Strengths and Weaknesses of Events as Fundraisers Great for specific, clear, projects with clear goals
Itemizing what each layer of funding gets the program
Donors are rewarded with gifts for each donation level
Clear Start and End
Great way to get local tech folks to donate to UTP
Doesn't require traveling anywhere for donors, simple Strengths of Crowdsourcing: Creating an account with a crowdsourcing website
Creating smaller and larger gift ideas for big and small donors
Funding would be earmarked for UTP within CISP How crowdsourcing could be implemented at UTP: Alumni Event to garner alumni Support
A service-learning event during Philly Tech Week
Hackathon for folks 25 and under partnered with DevNuts, or other hacker spaces in area
Event centered within School District and/or CISP Potential Event Ideas for UTP FY 2013 Very informative
Too wordy, redundant at times and not user friendly
Has a great header image
Does not represent technological bent of UTP
History of UTP video is dated looking and should be updated Strengths and Weaknesses of Current Website: Lead Designer: Shasta Bady
Content Editor: Amanda Cameron
Estimated Date of Completion: October 31, 2012 How Updating the Website will be implemented: Create an outline for the new website
Create design concept images
Implement in wordpress
Edit as needed Strengths and Weaknesses of Current Print Materials Implementation of Design Changes: Institutional Giving Corporate Giving Goal: Reach out to local Universities
Example:Temple University, Drexel University, etc.
Seeking = funding, subsidized or free classes for DSFs, CIS specific tours of schools Target local corporations with a history of giving to education/technology intiatives
E.g. Comcast
Visit Donor Research area of Free Library, research who donates to STEM education initiatives and target them, invite to events Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website What are our needs re: In kind donations? Equipment
Teachers for classes
Food and beverages for fundraising events
Etc. What materials will be needed? Fundraising Goal = $ ___________ Info on current and past funding initiatives
Training on CISP Development protocols
Time shadowing CISP Development team
Budget from last 2 years
Tax information from last 2 years
Memorandums of Understanding
Organizational Strategic Plan
Results of the organization's last audit
Lead Designer: Shasta Bady
Content Editor: Amanda Cameron
Estimated date of completion: October 25, 2012 Final Thoughts What are our goals? 1. Rebrand UTP visually based off of logo, create an overall UTP look using existing resources
UTP Website - Estimated completion date October 31, 2012
UTP Paper Materials - Estimated completion date October 25, 2012
Brochures, Letterhead, fact sheets, boilerplate text for grants 2. Create an alumni outreach campaign to garner new volunteers, funding and interest in UTP
Using new branding, create alumni outreach campaign using social media, email and direct mail
Plan and execute alumni event
Ideas: networking event for new and former DSFs
Possibly could leave to formation of alumni network/organization
Estimated date of completion: April 2013 3. Seek out In Kind donations from local organizations:
Teachers for DSF classes
Donations of food and other materials for events
Computers, phones or other materials for DSFs
Estimated date of completion: Ongoing outreach 4. Research possibility of creating Crowdsource campaign using new branding
Choose a crowdsourcing platform
Create gift ideas for different donor levels
Execute plan
Estimated date of completion: December 2012 5. Plan events to garner public recognition and funding
Plan a Service-Learning event with Philly Tech Week
Hackathon to raise money for UTP Educational opportunities - June 2012 - partner with DevNuts
Event centered around CISP or School District - could be a part of Celebration - August 2012
Alumni meet and greet with current Digital Service Fellows - January/February 2012 - part of MLK day? 6. Apply for grants to fund Urban Technology Project
Receive training from CISP Development Team
Acquire necessary materials from CISP, SDP, Edison, etc.
Visit Grant Library at Free Library of Philadelphia and research applicable funding
Apply for grants
Estimated date of completion: ongoing 7. Corporate and Institutional Donations
Using branding, reach out to local corporations and universities to seek out funding using social media, PR, meetings and direct mail
Research donors and cultivate them
Estimated date of completion: Ongoing Any questions?
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