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Que se ha aprendido en redes sociales para Warner

Phixin Equis

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Aprendizajes

Thanks! Main visit's traffic to apps sites come from facebook (Earned Media) SOCIAL MEDIA What have we gotten across the time? Huge movies like: Man Of Steel or The Hobbit, give us better numbers in our Fan Page.
Asking posts still have good interaction.
It's better to make reference to the movies or scenes to get more engagement. It’s important to have an active participation of all the markets in LATAM to get more fans and make Warner Bros. Pictures fan page has a better position in LATAM.

We have more users in Youtube’s channel and it’s because we have more material of the movies. Is important to have all the material as possible to give different types of sources in the channel (trailers, interviews, featurettes and tv spots) Movies Assets Most succesful games or movie's apps are those which are related
to milestones in the movie or to principal characteres Graphic posts work to promote the movie's apps

Direct call to action "LIKE" is better than "SHARE" and comment

Our fans are touched by the emotional posts and for that reason their interaction is strong DON'T MISS THIS! One option to increase the traffic's visits in YT channel is to get fans from FB to YT.

When you ask the fans about specific components of a movie they comment more.

Use posts and graphics posts with the movie's posters and call to action. To get more visits in the main sites of the movies it's important to post in FB the URL and some of the assets they will find.

The more material we have to put in our Youtube channel, the more users and reach we can get. Likes - Shares - Comments Summary Don't
do this To keep in mind The most suscceful posts are those who have a direct “call to action” On Saturdays the interaction is not good, so it's better not to post relevant information.
Just use posts to get more fans Photos, videos and graphic posts are the type of contents preffered by our fans. We have a better engagement of ours fans in those post where graphic and movies are combined Call to action words work perfectly
to create interaction in the fan page. There are no absolute truths about social media...
but we can know our fans, search and find trends Do not post two or more one sheet arts on the same day, because the last one has better interaction than the other ones. Interview's videos doesn't work as good as trailers do.

The Share action works better if it is used as an initiative of our fans than a call to action Don't ask fans to share personal information, stories or photos.

Fb-Tw jointed activations don't work. 165.307 Fans in FB LEARNINGS 4.689 Suscribers in YT +600 posts done in the last 6 months DON'T MISS THIS! 1 2 Most succesful apps are "wallpaper generator" like the one for "Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" due to our fans interest in keeping something from the movie to entertain themselves A good understanding about our target audience guarantee a better engagement in apps and main sites +13.000 visits in LATAM App +10.000 visits in LATAM app +1.500 visits in LATAM 96% of the users downloaded the wallpaper 3 most visited of all the world 3D game apps Sammy 2 Wallpaper Generator app Riddles app Wrath of the Titans 3D Game (LATAM) rd The most important online strategy to get traffic in the main sites are those which involve: FB
adds Paid
adds Online
contest Offline
activities +200.000 Visits in LATAM main site #1 world wide #2 world wide +300.000 Visits in LATAM main site #1 world wide +200.000 Visits in LATAM main site Visits majority was on movie release day Visits majority was on movie release day
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