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Augusta Feldhorn

No description

MIchelle Villegas

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Augusta Feldhorn

Budapest San
Francisco Vienna, Austria Augusta Feldhorn was born in Vienna, Austria in 1934. She the only child of Margarate (Krigsman) and Juluis Feldhorn. Her father work at a hat factory which he owned, he invented most of the machinery himself. He owned this factory along side with his brother. The Germans annexed Austria in 1938, hoping to reestablish their lives, the fled to Belgium. Belgium Augusta began school, met new friends, everything seem to be getting normal. But that didn't last, the Germans invaded Belium in May 1940. Right before Augusta's birthday. Trying to escape the family went to France. France As Augusta and her family tried to escape to France, they were turn back at the border. Brussels, Belgium In October 1940, all Jews in Belgium were ordered to register with the police. Her parents decided to hide her in a convent in a countryside. A couple of months later, her parents wanting to be near her, hid with some Christain friends a couple streets away from her home. One morning, early in 1942, augusta's mother left to go buy some milk. Through her window Augusta saw their house surround by the police. Her father, uncle, aunt, and cousin were taken to transit camp Malines and in June 1943 to Auschwitz -Birkenau, where they died. Les Soeurs du St. Coeur de Marie in Malaise-La Hulpe (Brussels) Augusta's mother put her daughter in a train to Les Soeurs du St. Coeur marie. Augusta had to change her last name to Augusta de Cooman. Margarete hid in the same convent working posing as a nonvice working in the kitchen. They stayed there until after liberation in 1949, where they went to immigrated to the United States. Freedom!!!! Augusta Feldhorn
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