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Ice Breaker 2012

Ice breaker for advanced/upper intermediate students

Daniel Costa

on 28 February 2012

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Transcript of Ice Breaker 2012

don't you think?
It happens all of the time: we meet someone who knows someone we know. It’s a small world, that’s for sure.
1. First, find a partner. Introduce yourselves and make a list of five to ten things that you have in common with each other: where you went to school, year you were born, number of years with the company, food likes, sports likes, etc.
2. Once you have completed your first list, you must find someone else in the room that also has one of those five to ten things in common with you. When you have found that person, repeat step one and develop a new list.
3. Continue until you have met five other people or time is called.
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