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First Nations and European Explorers

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Harman Saini

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of First Nations and European Explorers

First Nations and European Explorers
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. How Did They Communicate?
3. What Did The Europeans Think About The First Nations?
4. What Did The First Nations Think About The Europeans
Today we will be talking about the positive and negative consequences, that occurred between the First Nations and European Settlers.
How Did They Communicate?
Europeans and the First Nations both had different languages. The means of communication started from gestures and signs. This means of communication was not enough, so they trained First Nations or European individuals as interpreters who could speak both the languages. In our opinion, this was the right way to communicate.
What Did The Europeans Think About The First Nations
The early European explorers showed no or little interest in any kind of trade with the first nations. They thought of them as an obstacle to overcome, rather than making profit. They also thought of them as savages. According to the Europeans, they were, "Dirty, naked, and uncivilized people!"
What Did The First Nations Think About The Europeans
The First Nations people considered Earth as their God. They were friendly to the Europeans and sent a greeting party when they arrived on their coast. They loved to trade their goods, and teach them about their land. The First Nations got angry at the Europeans when they started changing the Earth by making paths, killing animals, and chopping trees. The First Nations started disliking the Europeans because they showed no respect, to their land. The Europeans wanted the land that the First Nations inhabited.
Thank You
Presented By
Harman , Aruran, and Kayla
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