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Copy of Book Report

No description

anna nichol

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Book Report

What Stumped The

Point of View/ Conflict
Summary of the Plot
Main Characters
by: Mark Twain
Project by: Anna M. Nichol
Basic Information on:
Mark Twain
Comparison to:
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
The short story,
What Stumped the Bluejays
takes place in California. During the time after the the Civil War.
The point of view would be in 1st person. It is in first person because it is told from the man remembering the event.
The conflict is man versus self.
An old man is sitting on his porch with his cat, thinking about animals. And how much they are like people, especially bluejays. How they talk like people and they can act like people, and when they know they have done some wrong, they can be ashamed like people.
The old man remembers one time when they acted most like people. That one time was when a bluejay was walking about on the roof of an old and abandonded house and just happened upon a hole. The bluejay had an acorn in his mouth and dropped it into the hole. The bluejay looked into the hole and could not find the acorn, so he reasons that the hole is very deep. So, he keeps flying around to find acorns, and flies the acorns up to the hole and keeps dropping the acorns in.
After awhile the bluejay becomes so tired that he has to stop. So he goes and flies back up to the hole to see if he can see the pile of acorns that he has made. But he can't see them. So he assumes that he hole is endless. He ends up calling over some other bluejays to see if he can get any answers. But the second bluejay end up calling for more and more bluejays and in turn they all drop acorns down the hole.
After a long time of this, bluejays coming and dropping acorns down the hole, another bluejay happens to land on the handle of the house and sees all of the acorns that all the bluejays had dropped into the hole. In the end all the bluejays end up laughing.
The main characters are the old man and the bluejay.
The theme in this short story is don't instantaneously assume until all the possibilities have been checked.
Never give up.
Get help if you can't figure something out.
Bluejay: persistence
Hole: curious endeavor, problem to be solved

There are many ways to compare the short stories The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and What Stumped the Bluejays.
A some comparisons would be that the characters are not the same, the point of view and plot are not the same.mThe Celebrated Frog of Calaveras County is a story about a man who liked to make bets and bet on a frog. Then he lost the bet. The plot to What Stumpedd the Bluejays is about a bluejay trying to figure out what keeps happening to the acorns he's dropping down this hole.
Samuel L. Clemens was born: Novermber 30, 1838
Died: April 21, 1910
Married: Olivia Langdon
Children: Langdon Clemens, Susy Clemens, Clara Clemens, and Jean Clemens.
Published more than 30 book

Figures of Speech
"And another thing: I've noticed a good deal, and ther's no bird, or cow, or anything that uses as good grammar as a bluejay." - Personification bluejays cannot talk so they can't have good grammar.

"looking at the blue hills" is a metephore, because hills cannot be blue.
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