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Early Modern Period (1450-1750) Timeline

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Ronnie Kuriakose

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Early Modern Period (1450-1750) Timeline

The Early Modern Period Timeline 1450 1500 1550 1600 1650 1700 1750 Zheng-He Expeditions (1405-1423) 1400 Vasco da Gama opens the sea route around Africa to ASia
( 1498-1499) Ming restricions on overseas commerce
(1390) Portuguese conquest of Goa in Western India
(1510) Portuguese conquer Malacca
(1511) Francis Xavier makes mass converts in India
(1540s) End of the Ashikaga Shogunate
(1573) Jesuits arrive in China
(1580s) Hideyoshi unifies Japan
(1590) First Japanese Invasion into Korea
(1592) Decline of Portiguese power in overseas trade
(1600s) (Ongoing process) Tokigawa Shogunate established
(1603) Christianity Banned in Japan
(1614) Japan Moves towards isolation
(1640s) Dutch captures Malacca from the Portuguese
(1641) Manchus end the Ming Dynasty
(1644) Dutch becomes rises to the paramount of power in Java
(1755-1757) End of the Italian Renaissance Life of Leonard Da Vinci Northern Renaissance (1450-1600) First European printing press in Mainz, Germany
(1455) Machiavelli (1469-1527) Michaelangelo (1475-1514) France and Spain invade Italian city-states; marks the beginning of the Italian Decline
(1490s) Commercial Revolution (1500-1600) Francis I of France (1515-1547) Beginnig of Protestant Reformation (1517-1547) Copernicus and his astronomy (1543) Religious wars in Germany, France and Britain (1550-1649) Elizabeth I (1555-1603) Galileo (1564-1642) Scientific Revolution 30 Years War (1618-1648) English Civil War Glorious Revolution in Britain
(1688-1690) Enlightenment Seven Years War
(1756-1763) Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
(1776) Portuguese round the Cape of Good Hope (1488) Columbus Sails to America! (1492) Magellan Circumnavigates the WORLD! (1517-1521) Portuguese Reach Japan (1542) Ottoman fleet defeated in the Battle of Lepanto (1571) British Colony in Virginia Established (1607) American Revolution (1775-1783) Catherine the Great 1762-1796 Ivan IV (1533-1584) Time of Troubles (1604-1613) Peter the Great (1689-1725) Exploration of the Caribbean begins (1493-1520) Cortes leads the invasion of Mexico (1519-1524) Gold discovered in Brazil (1695) Ottoman Capture of Constantinople (1453) Battle of Panipat (1526) Mughal Empire Reestablished (1556) Reign of Akbar (The Great [: ) (1556-1605) Reign of Aurangzeb (1658-1707) Fall of the Safavid Dynasty (1722) El Mina is established (1481) Beginnings of English Slave Trade (1562) Portuguese establishes a colony in Angola (1570) Fall of the Songhay Empire (1591) Rise of the Kingdom of Dahomey (1720s) AND! Now THAT was only a segment of History! (I apologize in advance if you get a headache from all the transition) (Oh and Sorry about Catherine the Great, its like 1 in the morning) Anyways..... (The size of the lines and the size of the font have no importance, i was just trying to cram all that WHAP-tastic information! )
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