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Vodafone Marketing Mix

No description

Lucy Richens

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Vodafone Marketing Mix

Vodafone Marketing Mix
by Lucy Richens
Marketing objectives
market leader
1. obtain new customers
2. keep the customers it already has
3. introduce new technologies and services (eg text messages and internet)
4. continue to develop the Vodafone brand
About advert 1
This is one of Vodafone promotional advertisement to make new and existing customers want to buy a Vodafone product.
This advert has all the features of the marketing mix. It is
important that Vodafone have all the features of the marketing mix because its more likely that customers are going to buy if they know the product, price of it, place its from and that its got a promotional effect onto it like more off. In this advert it shows us:

About advert 1
The product is a Vodafone Smart 4 turbo which is a
super fast smartphone with premium features. The
price is now £65 which has gone down because of
the promotion which is save £10. The advert can be found on the Vodafone website so if you click the buy now it will take you to the Vodafone web page which is the place you can get it from. When clicking on the buy now it will tell you, you can buy online or go into one of their stores.

About advert 2
Vodafone don’t just do phone contracts that do pay as you go, may monthly contracts, yearly contracts SIM only contacts, pay as you go contracts. To keep customers interested and to get new customers Vodafone need to keep having promotions. Another one of the promotions is this one above it contains all elements of the marketing mix. The elements that the advert has are price, product, promotion and place.

About advert 2
The most important part of a promotional advertisement is the product they are selling and that is a SIM only pack with entertainment. The price of the product is £21.60
which has gone down from the previous amount. The promotion is that there is 20% of the SIM only pack. The place where you can get it from is the Vodafone website, when you go to find out more it will tell you more about the product and it then tell you about buying it in store or online.

About advert 2
These meet the marketing objectives by its introducing new technologies like Spotify premium, Sky Sports and
Netflix because by adding these to contacts/ plans means it gets new customers interested and keeps
the existing customers as well. Vodafone customers are always on the go, so being able to keep your phone, get a new SIM and have all these exclusive entertainment it means that customers are going to want to buy it. Also it is continuing to develop the Vodafone brand as it means that’s gone from just a SIM only contact to a SIM only pack with all these entertainment. This shows Vodafone marketing aim of retaining market leaders.

Price- (objective one)
At Vodafone they have a wide range of prices as they deal with a wide range of customers, all their customers have different needs this may be that some want to take out just a single contract whereas some of the customers have big businesses where they need lots of phones. They base the price around new customers to if the new customers want a plan that has unlimited text and 300 minutes then they will pay about £15 this would be obtaining new customers because if the customers comes in and says they want certain things and a certain price then Vodafone tries and works with that to make it close as possible to their request.
Price (objective two )
Vodafone keep the customer that they already have by the fact that they give discount for a few months and Vodafone let the customer know if there are other plans which they may be able to save money then it keeps the customers happy. If customers have been with Vodafone for long than about 3 years then if they take out another contract with Vodafone they will give it at a discount.
Price (objective 3)
Vodafone achieve introducing new technologies and services by when buying a phone they will charge more money to get memberships with some of Vodafones sponsorship. With some contracts come with Sky Sports or Netflix this is to show to new and existing customers that Vodafone can provide the latest technologies.
Price (objective 4)
Vodafone continue with developing the Vodafone brand by that they are always getting new phones and new contact plans by Vodafone getting more products it making the brand grow and making it retain market leaders.
Place (objective 1)
Vodafone is able to obtain new customers by having a website that anyone can access which will have lots of promotional advertisement to make people interested. They can obtain new customers by having stores all around the country, this is giving new customers a chance to be able to go into the store and find out more information about Vodafone and whether it is right for them.

Place (objective 2)
Vodafone keeps the customers that they already have by having stores around, so if the customer has a problem they don’t need to spend hours on the phone they could just pop into the closes town as most towns have one in. By Vodafone having so many stores it’s providing a better service which will help keep the customers loyal to Vodafone. Vodafone are market leaders because of the service they give and that there is so many places that you can get help from like online, in store and by phone.
Place (objective 3)
In the Vodafone stores it will say about all the new technologies and services that there now is, they also do it online where they will put lots of promotional advertisement on the website to show all the new technologies. Technology is always growing this means as Vodafone are market leaders they need to be on top of it all the time as if they are not then customers may start to look elsewhere
Place (objective 4)
Vodafone continue to develop the marketing brand by the fact that the places that they are, they are in modern up to date buildings with lots of high technology to show how up to date they are. They are developing it by keeping it up to date.
Product (objective 1)
Vodafone are always coming out with new products to obtain new customers. Vodafone know that they need to keep bringing in new customers to be able to retain as market leaders. Vodafone know that there is a lot of competition around this means that if they can give customers an affordable price for a good phone then customers will come to Vodafone. Vodafone offer a discount to new customers this is to help the customer become interested.

Product (objective 2)
Vodafone need to keep the customer that they already have this means that their products needs to be top quality and needs to have some of the best phones that there is. This is because if a phone company can always offer you then best then you are going to stay with them so Vodafone always needs to be giving their customer that extra bit, to make them not want to leave.
Product (objective 3)
Vodafone is always on top of the game to be able to retain market leadership this is by that they are always introducing new technologies and services. Vodafone will have exclusive apps just to Vodafone customer and they will have some apps which will be free to them and not to other. This is providing a better service with being with Vodafone. Vodafone have introduced 4G to all their customers because they don’t want them to have to wait ages to get a connection they want their customers to be happy as they can go on to the internet.
Product (objective 4)
Vodafone are continuing to develop their brand this is by being the go to brand that the first company that you think of is Vodafone and about how good of a company they are. Vodafone develop their brand through their products as by selling just one product it is branding the company. Vodafone are always putting new products out there that are all different and this means that it’s developing the brand from not just a phone company but one that sells SIMS, iPads and many more.
Promotion (objective 1)
Vodafone uses promotion to grab new customers the promotion does this by having money off, saving money and making the product look really good. There are promotional advertising that is just for new customers this means that customers can save more money because they are new and it means that Vodafone makes more money.

Promotion (objective 2)
Vodafone use promotion to give the customer more for their money to make sure they are getting the best out of Vodafone and making sure that they are making the most of Vodafone. The promotion that will be done will be more direct so it will come up when signing into the website and it will come through the post or via email.
Promotion (objectives 3)
Vodafone uses promotion to introduce technologies by that when there is something new coming out they will start promoting it months before and then every couple of weeks there would be a new update on how long it’s going to be. This shows how Vodafone retain market leadership as they start promoting ages before its out to get customers excited and encourage new customers.
Promotion (objectives 4)
Promotion continues to develop the brand by keep customers up to date and as Vodafone is product led it means that the products that keep coming out at high demand need to be promoted for them to be able to sell. The mobile phone market has approached maturity in a short time, particularly with young people. This means that promotion needs to be put out in a mature way.
Vodafone is achieving these objectives by continually updating the range of phones and services offered to keep ahead of its competitors. Vodafone also communicates regularly with its customers to keep them well informed of the benefits of all Vodafone products.

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