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components of a computer

No description

sheil mehta

on 1 September 2011

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Transcript of components of a computer

THE COMPONENT OF A COMUTER. Subject 3 Conclusion is here is important is important too is important HARDWARE AND SOFT WARE SUBJECT 3 INPUT AND OUTPUT DEVICES RAM AND ROM HARDWARE Hardware is the name given to the physical parts of the computer The Central Proccesing Unit(CPU)
input devices
output devices
storage devices software software is the name given to programs in the computer
that instruct the hardware what to do system software
application software hardware RAM Can be changed and upgraded
can be read from and written to
random access memory
instructions in RAM can change
it holds the work curretnly done by the user
it is volatile
there can be more than 1 ram in the computer
it is an intergral part of the motherboard ROM Cannot be changed
can only be read
holds instructions that need to remain unchanged
it is non volatile
there is only 1 ROM in the computer
it is an intergral part of the motherboard Input devices Input devices are devices that input data onto the computer.They are hardware devices that convert data into software. Output devices. output devices are devices that
output data from the computer.
they convert software into
hardware. Automated input devices. Automated input devices are devices that read codes such as the barcode scanner.they detect how much light is reflected by the black and white lines. THE END
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