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Dead Girls Don't write Letters

Book Presentation for LA

Laurel Ainsworth

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Dead Girls Don't write Letters

Created by: Laurel Ainsworth Dead girls Don't Write Letters Sunny is a fourteen year old girl, she is stunned when she receives a letter from her supposedly dead sister. A different girl that Sunny calls "not Jazz" appears at her house posing as the real Jazz who apparently died in a fire five months prior. The Letter "I heard the tires crunch on the crushed-shell drive, and my stomach lurched. Dad bolted to his feet and strode to the front door. Shrugging, Dad pushed past the screen door onto the porch. I stayed in my chair but placed the Coke on the floor. I heard a squeal. "Dad, oh, I'm so glad you're here." There was no answer from Dad. Light steps pattered up the wooden stairs. The door opened, a large carpetbag suitcase thumped in, followed by a tall, slim shape that entered with a swirling pirouette. "Ta da! I'm home!" The light silhouetted the shape and cast the face in shadow. She wore clunky black boots, a long skirt, and a white silk blouse. Her dark hair framed her shadowed face and brushed her shoulders. "Mom, come give me a hug. I'm home!" She stepped forward out of the shadow.
It wasn't Jazz." Scene From the Book Every since Jazz died Sunny's mom had been extremely depressed. Sunny had to take care of her almost all the time. She even took an off period that she combined with lunch just to go home and take care of her mom.
Her mom even had to take pills just to fall asleep. Sunny's dad had been depressed, and in jail a couple times. When he became depressed he started to drink a lot. Sunny is happy when she doesn't have to talk to him. Mom and Dad Other Notes Introduction Sunny was out getting the mail. She pulled the pile of mail out of the mailbox and when she did one letter in a small yellow envelope managed to escape. It gracefully fell to the ground, just like her sister. The return address on the letter was Jasmine, just like Jazz used to write on the letters she sent. Sunny was stunned, Jazz was dead. There was no way she wrote the letter. Dead girls just don't write letters! A must read!!! Great book!!! Jasmine Mom, Dad, and Sunny Genre Mystery Author Gail Giles Publisher Roaring Brook Press Publishing City Brookfield, Connecticut Other Books by This Author Shattering Glass Setting and Characters The story takes place in Texas, mostly at Sunny's house. the story includes Sunny, her dad, mom, Not-Jazz, and Sunny's grandma who is only mentioned a little bit in the story. It also has other characters that are only mentioned on a few pages, like Rhonda ( Jazz's roommate). Keeps you thinking about what is to come! Pg. 31 and 32 Filled with suspense. Imagine that you receive a letter from your sister who died five months ago. For 9th grader Sunny Reynolds it's not something that she has to imagine, it really happened to her. Will Sunny figure out who is posing as Jazz?

Will Sunny's mom ever come out of depression?

Will her dad ever stop drinking?

Will Sunny go to the police about this?

If sunny does go to the police will they believe her that someone came to her house posing as her sister?

To find out the answers to all these questions read this book now!!!!
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