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Lochlyn Clark

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Rindhem and Lochlyn
Samurai Shortstop
Three new Vocabulary Words (possibly Japanese related)
1. pilgrimages: "Mt. Fuji had been constructed in the park to allow citizens to make pilgrimages." (15) -> a pilgrim's journey <-
2. extolled: "to demonstrate such weakness when he had been extolled to be like Alexander the Great." (15) -> to praise enthusiastically <-
3. besuboru: "think besoboru, not girls. besuboru." (14) -> baseball <-
3 Quotations from Chapters 13,14,15
Chapter 13: •Pg.93 “Toyo’s heart raced. Part of him, wanted to run away and never come back, but instead he found himself thinking, Koji would never back down, never run away. As though his uncles spirit guided him, Toyo picked up a long piece of wood stacked beside the fire pit."
Discuss Key Points of Chapter



His Uncle Koji
Chapters 13-15
Chapter Overview
- Dealing with the Kitchen staff and convincing them to teach Toyo how to cook
- Baseball Game: Toyo learns that he is overthinking the game and to just play
- His first prepared meal at the cafeteria
- Meeting Futoshi’s girlfriend
- Encountering Europeans/Americans at Mt. Fuji
Significant paragraph in these chapters
Pg. 97 “Soon he was memorized by their swaying motion, carried away by the gentle shirr-shirr of the branches as the fragile cherry blossoms tore loose in the wind. Toyo felt at peace for the first time that day-maybe ever.”
Symbol that represents the chapters
Personal thoughts on chapter
In these chapters, like I said, I thought Toyo's leadership and courage showed when he went to the kitchen, and strictly confronted the staff and made a mess. During this part of the book, I was also a bit surprised as I didnt think Toyo would do such a thing. As well, he finally came to realize to relax, enjoy and have fun playing besuboru rather than strictly the skills and rules.
Lochlyn and Rindhem
Chapter 14: Pg. 102 "Fuji put up a hand. " It is hard for many people to understand. My villlage has placed great faith in me. To think a peasant son of a rice farmer may attend the highest school in Japan and become a goverment official is a source of great hope to them. When I boarded the train for Tokoyo, everyone in the village was there to encourage me to do my best. Along the way, at every stattion down the line, the people of Akita prefecture were waiting at the station lines to cheer me on.""
Chapter 15: Pg, 112 " Toyo thought, Maybe I could sneak out one night with Futoshi....... He shook his head and turned away. The last thing he needed to do was fall in love with some girl and end up sneaking out to see her all the time. To demonstrate such weakness when he had been extolled to be like Alexander the Great?"
In this chapter I think Toyo was missing his uncle. He was continuously in every chapter either thinking or comparing himself to his uncle. I think Toyo aspires to be like his Uncle Koji. Also Toyo seemed to become more relaxed throughout the book. He learns to take a minute throughout the day to just sit and listen.
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