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No description

Mai-Brie Conklin

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Matched

Who Has Freedom?
“They are giving us pieces of a real life
instead of the whole thing. They have
perfected the art of giving us just enough freedom...

- Mapletree Borough (renamed Garden Borough after Officials cut down the maple trees).

- Located within the dystopian Oria Province where the United States used to be.
Futuristic Oria Province
To Fall or To Follow?
written by Ally Condie
analyzed by Mai-Brie Conklin

Making Choices when Choices don't Exist
Individuals Torn by the Rules of Love
“I see his eyes, bright with life
and fire, and I know he won't
stop fighting. Even if it's the
kind of quiet fight...
Distant Future
After the destruction of the
United States as we know it.
Controlled Environment
The setting paints the mood as
feeling subdued, confined, and controlled.
Main Characters
Three teens are caught deciding whether to follow the rules, or follow their hearts, resulting in forbidden love triangle.

Cassia Reyes
An openly defiant, yet family oriented 17 year old with ideals of independance and choice, clashing with her oppresive society.
Character Traits
Cassia Reyes
Ky Markham
Xander Carrow
Ky Markham
A quiet, mysterious teen with a forbidden past, forced to blend in with society. While his life goes unnoticed, it is anything but average.
Xander Carrow
A typical teen with an unexpected rebellious side. Sweet and caring along with a competitive edge, he is the boy next door that society adores.
Matched is a dystopian Sci-Fi novel with a dash of Romance.
Matched Genre
Character Traits
Character Traits
Cassia has the perfect family, perfect job, perfect everything, just as society has planned and strived for, up until her Match Banquet.
Cassia was matched to her best friend, Xander. But when she looks at her microcard, it's not Xanders face that shows up, its Ky's.
An Official tells Cassia it was a mistake. Ky is an Abberation, outcasted from society for commiting an infraction, and cannot be matched with anybody.
Cassia and Ky are paired for hiking. Ky tells his secretive past to Cassia by drawings and teaching her to write, which is strongly forbidden.
Ky and Cassia slowly fall in love, which makes Cassia question her relationship with Xander and how perfect society really is.
Cassia begins to realize that society isn't as utopian as she once thought. Ky opened her eyes to reality, they have no choices or freedom.
Ky and Cassia's relationship (a big no-no) catches official's attention and they forbid Cassia from seeing Ky, and make it clear that they are watching.
Officials take Ky to fight in the army. Cassia's family is relocated for her mother's job near Ky, and Cassia begins her mission to find him.
Cassia is faced with two main conflicts in Matched.

(man vs. society)
...just enough that when we are
ready to snap, a little bone is offered
and we roll over, belly up, comfortable
and placated like a dog... - Cassia”
...on the inside that you
can't always see. And I
won't stop fighting either.”
Personal Response
This quote represented Cassia realizing that society isn't as perfect as she thought. This was the beginning of her rebellion against the Society.
Matched left me with the feeling of strength. Not only did it inspire me to stand up for my beliefs, but that it is possible to do.
Conflict #1
Should Cassia love Xander, who she was chosen to love? Or break the rules and follow her heart by loving Ky?
Conflict #2
Should Cassia follow the rules and beliefs of society? Or stand up for what she truly believes in?
This quote represents the rebellious and brave tone of Matched. It shows that they won't stop fighting for what they want, eachother.
Matched emphasizes the importance of freedom in a society. The rebellion demonstrates the theme through their choices that go against the control of their society.
Matched showed that being different isn't bad. In our society, individuality is something you get judged for, but really, its key.
I chose the theme "Freedom"because freedom is really the catalyst of the rebellion and secrets in Matched.
When Cassia realizes that they have no freedom, she starts to yearn for her own choices and begins to question the restriction of her society.
Freedom is the Catalyst
Freedom is the Catalyst
Matched also showed that bravery is an important impetus in society. Matched included a great plot along with inspiring morals.
Because Matched is a trilogy, the conflicts are not resolved in the first book.
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