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photoelectric effect

No description

Naomi Chebet

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of photoelectric effect

photoelectric effect

It is the ability of light or photons to dislodge/emit electrons from metals surfaces.
Applications of photoelectric effect.
Automatic doors systems-photocell
Television camera tubes
Intrusion Alarms
Turn on street light at dawn
Light - activated counters

The emitted electrons are called photo electrons.
Threshold frequency- It is the minimum frequency required for electrons to be emitted.
Terms in Photo electric effect
Threshold wavelength- it is the maximum wavelength needed for electron to be dislodged from a metal surface.
work function- it is the minimum energy needed for electrons to be removed from a metal surface.
E=hf=W+KE of electrons
h= Planck's constant
W= work function
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