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My father's family

No description

manuel davila

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of My father's family

My father's family
The surname Ader comes from Pau, Paris
The first person of my family to come to America was Bernardo Ader, no one knows exactly why
he came between 1860 and 1900
Family tree (part 1)
Bernardo Ader
Elise Schulze
Anita Ader
Rodolfo Grunbaum
Elisita Grunbaum
Lucho Torralva
Ana Maria Torralva
Luis Enrique Vila Obarrio
Eduardo Ader
Enrique Ader
Juanita Ader
Bernardina Grunbaum
Luis Torralva
Family tree (part 2)
Ana Maria Torralva
Luis Enrique Vila Obarrio
Mercedes Vila Obarrio
Victor Davila
Luis Manuel Davila
Dolores Dotras
Magdalena Vila Obarrio
Gonzalo Vila Obarrio
Ignacio Vila Obarrio
Rodrigo Vila Obarrio
Sofia Davila
Teresa Davia
Veronica Davila
Jose Davila
Interesting facts
Bernardo's sister was married with Emile Bieckert, and he was the owner of the first ice factory in Argentina and also of one bear factory
Bieckert took some of his bear to the Universal Exposition of 1889 and there it was prized
Bernardo married Bieckert's cusin ( Elise Schulze
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