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Matched By Ally Condie- Plot Diagram

No description

Ashley Price

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Matched By Ally Condie- Plot Diagram

Rising Action #3
Final Banquet:
Cassia's grandfather has turned 80 which means he is no longer allowed to live. During his final hours alive, Cassia's grandfather takes the compact he gave her and opens a compartment where two poems were neatly folded. Cassia was shocked to see them. The Society only kept 100 poems from before there was a Society and these were not one of the hundred. There was only 100 of everything. 100 songs, 100 paintings, 100 lessons for every subject in school ect.
Rising Action #4
Cassia has signed up for hiking as her summer activity. While the officer is talking, Cassia noticed that Ky was there. while she was hiking she couldn't stop thinking about the poems. Cassia was ahead of everyone so she hid in a bush to read them. Ky saw Cassia reading them but he wasn't going to say anything to anyone. Later on Ky teaches Cassia to hand write beacuse she has never needed to write anything; only type. More time has passed. Cassia and Ky are now in love. One day they rush to the top of the hill. They both know that no one would make it up there so they kissed.
Falling Action
Protagonist vs. Antagonist
Person vs. Society
Cassia, Ky and Xander vs. Officials and Society
People must follow strict rules so they can live long, perfect lives.

Rebellion, love, secrets
There are two main settings. One is in Mapletree Borough where Cassia, Ky and Xander live and the other are the hills Cassia and Ky go hiking on during the summer.

Cassia has been matched with the one she wanted, Xander. When she got home she looked at the files she was given. While she was viewing them another boy came up on her screen right after her match. She loved her match but she was falling in love with the other boy as well.

Cassia, Ky, Xander, Em, Cassia's Official, Bram, Patrick Markham, Aida Markham, Cassia's parents.
Matched By Ally Condie- Plot Diagram
Cassia is falling in love with someone other than her match. They can never be together because the boy she is falling in love with is an Aberration. An Aberration mean to commit a small crime. In the boy's case, his father was an Anomily (to commit a major crime) and he could be a threat.
Rising Acton #1
Cassia's Match Banquet:
Cassia is at her match banquet. Her name is called. The screen where her match is shown was blank for a long time. Finally her best friend, Xander, is shown on the screen. It is very unusual to be matched with someone in your own province. Never mind someone you know.
Cassia's family was informed that they were being relocated to the Farmlands. they only have a day to gather their things. the next morning they will be gone.

Cassia is told by her Official that the Society planned everything. They purposely put Ky in the matching pool and put them in the same hiking class.
Rising Action #2
Viewing the Files:
Cassia was viewing the files on her match, just to see his face one last time before she went to sleep. Xader's face is shown on the screen. A few seconds later his face disappears. For a very short time, another boy's face is on the screen now. She also knows who he is; it's Ky.
Rising Action #5
Cassia can't go any longer without telling Xander. She asked him if they could go outside and talk when they were at school. She didn't want to tell him that she was in love with Ky but he deserved to know.
Cassia was taken to where her final sorting test would be done. During this test she will she will be sorting real people and her decisions will be used and permanent. She is very nervous because she has to sort Ky. He works at the Nutrition Center. it is the worst place to work. Cassia is done her sort with the exception of Ky. He is in the middle of both groups. Cassia eventually decides to put him in the group that gets a new work position.

Ky is taken away in handcuffs but he hasn't done anything. Patrick Markham, Ky's step father, speaks up and says that the Officials are taking Ky to the outer Provinces to fight. They always take Aberrations first so Ky is going to die.
The night before Cassia leaves, she comes home to find Xander sitting on her front steps. she can still see the pain in his eyes which makes it uncomfortable to sit next to him. He gives her a bunch of blue tablets which are kind of like food substitutes. Xander also said he would send her messages later on so he can teach her how to use the compass Ky gave her before he was taken away. He said it would help he find him.
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