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Ancient Greek education

No description

Amy Woodcock

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Greek education

This is a picture of what a ancient greek classroom would look like.
Facts 1 to 3
Facts 6 to 9
If a family was wealthy they would send a slave to watch over their childeren while they were at school.
Ancient greek education
This is a picture that shows some of the thing the ancient greek children learnt; music, are writing and other things.
They had to learn everything by heart, if they needed twrite something down they would use a wooden board, that was covered in wax. They used a wooden pen, called a stylus, it had a sharp end for writing and a flat end for rubbing things out.
Loressa and Amy
Ancient Greek education
The girls learn household responsibilities and occasionally their family business. Their education was mostly reading and writing. They were not allowed to go to school, they were tutored at home if they had any education.
In each school there was about one teacher and 10-20 boys, school was only for the best and was very expensive.
At the age of seven boys started school and stopped close to the age of fourteen. They then learned a trade.
Fact 10
To learn the laws you had to be able to read, as they were written in large stone slabs. If they couldn't read them they might break them.
Thanks for watching!
Poor family's wouldn't send their son to school at all.
Boys were hit with sticks if they didn't learn fast enough.
This is a picture of a mentor and his students, this also shows what he would teach.
School children only had seats, no desks.
Education was open to boys and girls, they were usually taught by their parents or private tutors.
Facts 4 and 5
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