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Spain, France, Russia, Prussia, England

Mistah Frank

on 6 June 2018

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Transcript of Absolutism

Age of Absolutism
structure of govt in
which one person exercises total power.

Following the
Age of Exploration, strong
central govts were needed
to protect their colonies and trade.

Mo' Trade, Mo' Muscle
One by One each of the big European
nations turned to this type of govt.
I may be smarter than Ms. D but shes prettier than me.
1. Harsh punishments
2. Censorship- (restricting individual freedoms)
3. Centralized Govts
4. Strong Militaries
Divine Right

thet the monarchs (kings) were
chosen by GOD
Wait...what does this sound
Very similar to Mandate of Heaven
DO: How did Louis XIV
exercise absolute power

IA: What are the benefits
and drawbacks of having a
leader with absolute authority?

Phillip II
Good Things:
A. Seized Portugal & its colonies
B. Defended Catholicism
C. Launches Spanish

against Ottomans
Bad Things:
debt and bankrupcy
2. Expulsion of Jews
Regressive Tax
for poor
4. Loss of Neth. colonies
gets defeated
"His smile
and his
dagger were
very close"
DO: How did Louis XIV
exercise absolute power?

IA: What would be your
nickname if you were
an absolute monarch?
Following the murder of the
previous King, Louis XIII
becomes King.
Although he was a weak ruler,
he appointed a strong minister.
Cardinal Richelieu
"Richy" reduced the power of the nobles.
-Had them destroy their castles
-Gave power to the middle class

Also, he increased the power of the crown
for Louis XIV.
After the death of Louis 13, Louis XIV
becomes King at the age of 5.
Cardinal Mazarin rules for Louis until he is
of age.
Louis XIV
Louis 14 reduced the power of the nobles
even more and increased his own.

He also increased the power of the govt
agents called

they answered
directly to Louis.
The Sun King
Louis' reign was positive in that it increased the wealth and military power of France. He reduced the powers of nobles and increased his own.

He was also a patron of the arts.
Louis the XIV
1. Dope palace in Versailles
2. 500+ waiters, cooks, servants
3. Each meal was a feast.
4. Nobles lived in the palace with him
5. 1400 fountains in the gardens
6. Cost 2.5 billion in today's money
However, the latter part of the Louis' reign was
not so good.
Excessive wars and conquests put France in debt.
The death of Louis XIV was celebrated in France.
+ France is top military power, leading in art and lit.
- Staggering debt b/c of palace, wars

Reign of the
Sun King
would be a cause
of the
French Revolution
Charles II.
Great Gra
ndson of
Phillip II.
"I am the State".
AIM: How did Frederick the Great
exercise absolute power?

Do Now: What would be an amenity that you
would need to have as an absolute monarch?
Central Europe during this Age was in
religious turmoil. Protestants, Calvinist and
Catholics fought for control.

This series of conflicts were known as the
Thirty Years War.
Following the war, the two major empires
(Ottoman and Holy Roman) were

A new ruling family,
The Hapsburgs of
claimed power.
Charles VI
Maria Theresa
At the same time in Prussia, another powerful is gaining power; the
Hohenzollerns. (4)
Frederick I
Frederick II
"Frederick the Great"
Father and son would rule Prussia and raise one of the largest land armies in Europe.
After Frederick the Great took land from
Austria a flurry of alliances were made between European states.
Seven Years War
No Clear Winner.
SWBAT create a claim of which absolute leader was the most beneficial to the Russian empire.
IA: What are the characteristics of a good or beneficial leader?
Mr. Frank will be coming around and assessing you on your
1) Claim-
2) Evidence from the documents and how they tie to you claim(s)
3) Analysis (connecting your claim to bigger themes from earlier in the year and/or prior knowledge)
Ivan the Terrible
King at the age of 3
The Boyars fought for power over young Ivan.
Ivan declares himself "czar"
Why was Ivan
After her death, Ivan went cray.
-Use of secret police
-Executing boyar "traitors"
-Took boyar lands and redistributed them
1. Further increased the power of the czar
2. Ended Russian Feudalism
3. Raised a large army (200,000 men)
- making Russia more
European and modern
5 . Established St. Peterburg (sea port)
Why was Peter so
Don't Need to Copy
a. Started first Russian Newspaper
b. Gave women rights
c. Advanced Education
d. Made nobles look for European
AIM: How did the English people respond to

Do Now: What was the Magna Carta?
Quick Review: What is the Magna Carta?
King John of England
was forced to sign it 1215.
Magna Carta: "Great Charter"
Limited the Power of the King
During the Age of Absolutism, the King of
England was Charles I.
-Unpopular King
-At war with both France and Spain
-Asked Parliament
(legislative branch)
Petition of Right
The King was Forced to sign it
Due Process
and the
Rule of Law
**Set forth the idea that the law was higher than the king.
Charles I of England

- Continuing problems with Parliament
Charles Attempted and failed to arrest Parliament Leaders
This marks the beginning of the English
Civil War.
(Civil War is a war between 2 factions in the same country.)
The English Civil War

Leader King Charles
Oliver Cromwell

Supporters Royalists (Cavaliers) Roundheads
The English Civil War
King Charles is captured
Put on trial.
And publicly executed.
Oliver Cromwell
become a
military dictator.

-Promotes religious
-Oppresses the Irish
AIM: How did Parliament emerge supreme in England?

Do Now: What are the Bill of Rights? What do they give us?
Lighting Round Review
1. We are discussing England
2. King
Charles the First
was just defeated
in the
English Civil War
3. He is tried and found guilt. He is publicly executed.
Oliver Cromwell
becomes military dictator of England until his death.
After Cromwell's death, the English people asked for Charles' son, Charles II, to rule.
- when Charles II restored the English Monarchy
Charles II
Gave people of England
Habeas Corpus
Can't jail someone without charges.
Charles I's

King James II
-Was Catholic and this worried Protestant Parliament Members.
-They convinced his daughter and her husband (Protestants) to overthrow the King.
Glorious Revolution
- bloodless overthrow of the King of England
William and Mary
England shifts from absolute monarchy to a
constitutional or limited monarchy
(laws limit the ruler)
- Signed
English Bill of Rights-
limited ruler's power

(That's it)
Jacques-Benigne Bossuet
Exit Slip: Why did Louis XIV believe that he was justified in exercising absolute authority?
Exit Slip: How did the absolute monarchs of Russia strengthen their nation?
Is it acceptable to abandon traditions and customs in the name of progress? DYP.
Catherine the Great
Further modernized/ Westernized Russia.
Exit Slip: Imagine you were alive during the Age of Absolutism; how would you as a person respond to the reign's of Louis XIV, Ivan IV and/or Charles I?
As Europe experienced the
and cultural revival, the Russian empire had been under
Mongol rule
for over
years. This caused the Russian to NOT experience the same advancements as the rest of Europe.
Today we will be learning about three Russian leaders that were crucial in liberating Russia from the Mongols and making changes that allowed Russia to "catch up" with the rest of Europe;
the Terrible,
the Great and
the Great.
- Mr. Frank has specifically chosen these historical figures to push the discussion forward. That being said there is no right or wrong answer as long as you back up your opinion with logic and evidence.
- Annotate- As you read through each document make sure that you are annotating. There is an annotation guide that you will be following as you annotate…
- Use accountable talk, respectful behavior and include all members of your group.
Centralize- gain more power
Make more
1) Egypt was the most advanced river valley civilization
2) According to Doc #, they made advancements in architecture and astronomy.
3) These advancements are even more impressive when you consider the harsh climate of Egypt as compared to Mesopotamia or the Yellow River.
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