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Joshua Bartosiewicz

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Beowulf

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Prologue: Scene 1 In this scene, there was a king whos name was Shield.
He was a great king and was honored by many people, when he died he was givin' great treasures and was put on a boat and cast out to sea. His son, Beow, soon took over as a king. Then, when he died his son Halfdane became the next king. Soon following him was Hrothgar who was king of all the Danes. He assembled a massive army and built a mead hall which was called Heorot which is where they would all gather. While the soldiers were being entertained by music the demon, Grendal, became angered and attacked them as they were asleep. Hrothgar Scene 2 In this scene, Grendal attacks the soldiers in the mead hall,
ripping the door off. He bargs in and eats a warrior, then as
Grendal moves in on Beowulf, he tries to grab him. But Beowulf grabs hold of Grendal and with great power stuns him. They begin to wrestle shaking the mead hall destroying walls and benches. Grendal then howls in pain as other warriors begin attacking him as well. Beowulf then rips Grendal's arm out of it's socket, leaving it to bleed. After, Grendal flees back to it's cave where the monster dies and Beowulf hangs the arm to show off his victory. Scene 3 The golden goblat was taken from the Dragon
sending him on an angry rampage. The Dragon
attacked Beowulf's kingdom and left many warriors
as well as peseants dead. Beowulf becomes infuriated and plans an attack on the Dragon. Beowulf obtains a shield from the iron smith which he believes will stand up against the Dragons fiery breath. Beowulf is confident he'll win considering he wa able to take on Grendal no problem. Scene 4 In this scene, Beowulf dies and his people are buried
with sorrow. His people remember his last request and
build him a funeral pyre. It was decorated with helmets,
shields and shining armour. His body was burned in a
fire, and people fear what will happen now that Beowulf
is dead.
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