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Cell Phones

No description

Andrea Li

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Cell Phones

11mark. (2012). IT In The Toilet. Retrieved from http://www.11mark.com/IT-in-the-Toilet
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from http://healthland.time.com/2011/10/17/study-1-in-6-cell-phones-contaminated-with-fecal-matter/
Think about the strangest places you've brought your cell phone to.
source: 11mark. (2011). IT In The Toilet. Retrieved from http://www.11mark.com/IT-in-the-Toilet
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Psychology" Signum Temporis", 4(1), 4-9.
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Rosen, L. D., Lim, A. F., Carrier, L. M., & Cheever, N. A. (2011). An empirical examination of the educational impact of text message-
induced task switching in the classroom: Educational implications and strategies to enhance learning.Psicología educativa, 17(2), 163-177.
Research suggests that texting impairs class performance:
texting is one of the more difficult tasks for multitasking (Carrier et al., 2009)
texting during class resulted in poorer performance on a test covering a lecture content compared to no texting (Barks et al., 2011)
High Text group performed about 10% (i.e. one letter grade) worse on a lecture test than the group with no texts (Rosen et al., 2011)
Rosen D. L. et al. (2011). An Empirical Examination of the Educational Impact of Text Message-Induced Task Switching in the Classroom: Educational Implications and Strategies to Enhance Learning. Psicologia Educativa, 17: 163-177.
In another study, even though nearly 3/4 of the students felt texting by other students was distracting, 40% felt it was acceptable to text in class.
Cell phone use disrupts other students:
30% of survey respondents felt that they were distracted when other students texted in class (Markett et al., 2006)
up to 75% of students reported being distracted by a ringing cell phone during class (End et al., 2010)
students exposed to a ringing cellphone during a class presentation demonstrated poorer recall of content presented during the interruption (End et al., 2010)
Be a pal - don't distract other students with your cell phone use.
End, C. M., Worthman, S., Mathews, M. B., & Wetterau, K. (2009). Costly cell phones: The impact of cell phone rings on academic
performance. Teaching of Psychology, 37(1), 55-57.
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Computers & Education, 46(3), 280-293.
How about....
Music by Nathaniel Schroeder - Round and Round
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I can give you poorer grades
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