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No description

Ariana Deljanin

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of EMINEM

Marshall Mathers, better known by his alter ego slim shady, and even better know by his stage name Eminem hasn't always had an easy life. His father left him and his mother when he was about 6 months old, his mother was a drug addict, and him and his mother were constantly moving due to financial issues, And still has somehow managed to become one of the biggest names in hip hop. How did he do it?
Eminem was born in Saint Joseph, Missouri on October 17,1972.
When he was a child he wanted to be a comic book artist.
He failed the ninth grade 3 times before dropping out.
Eminem took up rapping in high school soon before he dropped out in the ninth grade. Soon he started joining rap battles, which brought him to meeting one of the biggest parts of his career- Dr.dre
When it started
Dre is a record producer who changed Eminems life, once he heard Eminem free style in the 1997 rap olympics, he knew he had talent even though he placed second place. Soon the two of them became working on Em's first album "Infinite"
Road to Success
Infinite wasn't a huge hit, but while em was still trying to get the world to notice him he created Slim Shady . On his album "The Slim Shady LP" was a song called my name is, that took the world by storm.
Shortly after "The Slim Shady LP" Came out Eminem's career not only as a rapper but as an actor took off. In 2002, A movie called 8mile came out. Not only did Em help create the movie, he also starred in it. 8 Mile was based off of Eminem's life while he was living in 8 mile, Detroit.
Eminem's song Mockingbird was the fourth song on Em's fifth album Encore.
Eminem has put so much of his personal life in his music,but in mockingbird 's music video he reveals something he's never showed before, Home videos.
Fast Facts
My Name is...
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