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Voice For Elderly Abuse

No description

Jerica Vaughn

on 3 November 2010

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Transcript of Voice For Elderly Abuse

Stop Elder Abuse BILL 685 Types of Abuse Physical Sexual Emotional/Physiological neglect Abandonment Financial "BIG BUSINESS" Takes Advantage of Government Funding "Medicare" assistance for elderly 1965
reimbursed Nursing Homes for many expences, like depreciation on the building and supplies inside.
Need No Building Insurance
All Guaranteed profit for investors Purchase
Elderly residents treated like an
"investment" rather than the PATIENT
With more individual needing intensive
care, profit is expected to "DOUBLE" in
the next two decades alone. Retirement Home owners worry more about
putting money into their pockets rather then into
the HOME. This has led to the abuse of our senior citizens. STOP CUTTING CORNERS Understaffed According to "An Aging Population"
Caregivers are given 20 patients or more to
take care of within a few hours.
Under-Trained Nurses and Nursing Assistants Hard enough to get yourself cleaned, clothed,feed, and prepaired for a long day in 20 minutes. According to the writers of
"The Shame of Our Nursing Homes"
most of these hired residential nurses only receive only seventy-five hours of training.
Would you trust a doctor even giving you a "CHECK-UP" with only 75 hours of medical training? What the Bill 685 will do ...? Improve quality care for Nursing home residents

Creating meaningful regulations for Illinos Nursing Homes, including penalties for institutions providing inadequte care

Provide enviormental requirements that promote residents saftey

Improving care within the facilities through provisions such as HIGHER staff to patient ratios and enhanced staff traing that provide DIRECT care. The Fact Is We are getting older every day
We Need to Stop Ederly Abuse
Before We Are To LATE... Medication Wrong Diagnosis
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