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Post - Structuralism

No description

Siddharth Suresh

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Post - Structuralism

Literary Devices - Irony

• many of the representatives have French backgrounds, their theories have had influence all over the world, especially in the areas of philosophy of language
• Key figures include, Michel Foucault, Slavoj Žižek, and Jacques Derrida, who is the most celebrated proponent of post-structuralist thought.

Michel Foucault Jacques Derrida Slavoj Žižek

In a nutshell, post-structuralism is:
Rejecting the thought that a piece only has one meaning
Being able to remove biased perceptions
yet, understand and accept other ideas
Post - Structuralism
Key Theory Points
Key Words
Study of underlying structure in text by connecting with aspects of human cognition.
Utilizes mediums such as linguistics, anthropology, and psychology to interpret these structures.
Key People
Coffee by Alan Durning
Coffee is a process analysis that describes how simple, ordinary actions can cause a chain reaction. This chain reaction can result in major effects. In the case of this essay, it often emphasized the effect on the environment.
emerged in France during the 1960s
"The Death of the Author"--->"The Birth of the Reader"
Is an analytic extension of Structuralism, the literal meaning behind the text.
It is the study of the text itself and the deeper meaning behind it that was used to produce said text.
Political instability
Scholars sought for new inspirations
However, no matter how you look at it, the essay is about making a cup of coffee.
Open ended
No wrong answers
New and overlapping perspectives
Can help raise many questions
Breaks down text to its most basic format
Difficult to use
Interpretation might not be the intent of the author
Ambiguity resulting in vagueness
Possible contradictions
Answer can be guided by authority
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Capper, Colleen A., and Michael T. Jamison (1993). “Outcomes- Based Education Reexamined: From Structural Functionalism to Poststructuralism.” Educational Policy, 7(4), 427-46 [EJ 356 775]

Berlin, James A. (1992). “Poststructuralism, Cultural Studies, and the Teaching Of Literature.” Albany, NY: National Research Center on Literature Teaching & Learning. [ED 356 472]
Literary Devices - Imagery
“I measured out two teaspoons of sugar. It came from the cane fields south of Lake Okeechobee in Florida. These plantations have deprived the Everglades of water, endangering waterfowl and reptile populations”
The process of making coffee
The destruction created by industrialism
People think coffee is a simple drink (to make and to purchase) but many people don't know how much effort is actually put into that bag of perfectly selected, cleaned, and roasted beans.
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