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Julia Taylor

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Pollution

What is Pollution?
Pollution is when there are harmful or poisonous substances in the environment.
Works Cited
Effects of Air Pollution
Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide
Burning of Fossil fuels
Nuclear fallout
Power-generating stations
Certain power lines
Sulfur oxide
Nitrogen oxide
Fertilizer dust
Air pollution has many effects on the earth as well as the human race
Human Race
Acid rain
Holes in the Ozone layer
Destruction of plants
Iron oxidizes
Disruption of food chains
Destruction of ecosystems
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Asthmatic health problems
Irritation to nose, eyes, skin, or throat
What Causes Water Pollution?
Septic tanks
Water and Marine dumping
Underground storage and tube leakages
Sewage and waste water
Effects of Water Pollution
Death of aquatic animals
Disruption of food chains
Destruction of ecosystems
Industrial sources
Sewage treatment
Construction sources
Chemical plants
Nuclear plants
Oil refineries
Effects of Land Pollution
Air Pollution Solutions
the Kyoto Protocol
Cap and Trade
Place taxes on carbon emissions
Higher taxes on gasoline
Using Public Transportation
Kyoto Protocol
Is "an agreement between 183 countries that state they will work to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions" (National Geographic Education).
This does not include the United States.
It helps to regulate air pollution.
Cap and Trade
The United States is debating this system.
Places a limit on the amount of pollution a company is allowed
Companies that exceed their limit will have to pay for it.
Companies that don't exceed their limit can trade it with other companies.
It's a system that contributes to regulating air pollution.
Taxes on Carbon Emissions and Gasoline
Incentives to reduce pollution and conserve energy
Public Transportation
Driving and flying less reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in to the air
Riding a bike also helps to conserve energy.
Causes respiratory problems
Causes skin problems
Causes various types of cancer
Can cause toxic materials to enter the human body
Landfills attract rodents who then breed and create disease
Landfills cause revenue loss
Landfills cause bad odors
Landfills burn causing more air pollution
Water Pollution Solutions
Conserve Water
Monitor what is put down the Drain
Use Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products
Monitor Pesticide and Fertilizer Use
Plant More Trees
Conserving Water
Don't leave the water running when it's not needed
Reduce the amount of water used when showering and washing objects
This prevents water shortages and reduces the treatment for dirty water
Monitor the Drain
Don't put oils, chemicals, paints, and medicines down the drain
Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products
Not as harmful
Pesticide and Fertilizer Use
Reduces runoff of chemical in to waterways
Planting More Trees
Prevents chemicals from draining in to the water easily, when it rains
Planting flowers has the same effect.
Land Pollution Solutions
Re-use Things
Reduces the amount of animals being harmed, when things aren't being disposed properly
Reduces the amount of trash in landfills and dumps
Re-using Things
Reduces the need to produce more products
What Are the Different Types of Pollution?
There are 3 main types of pollution
Air Pollution
When gases, dust particles, fumes, or odor are put into the atmosphere causing it to be harmful to the ecosystem.
Water Pollution
When bodies of water are being contaminated with human waste.
Land Pollution
When the earth’s land surfaces are deteriorating as a result of mankind's activities and their misuse of land resources.
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Solid wastes
Agricultural sources
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By: Christine Laszewski and Julia Taylor
"Ciaraquinn." Ciaraquinn. N.p., 21 Apr. 2011. Web. 19 Jan. 2014. <http://ciaraquinn.wordpress.com/>.
What Causes Air Pollution?
There are many different causes that contribute to air pollution.
Carbon Monoxide
& Burning of Fossil Fuels
Cars, trucks, airplanes (ect.) use gas to work.
When gas is being used you're
fossil fuel
Burning gas contributes to the amount of
Carbon Monoxide
in the air causing
& Power-generating Stations
Factories and Power-generating stations
burn fossil fuels
They burn oil and coal causing more
to build up.
& Mining
Refineries for
pollute the air by releasing hydrocarbons and different particulates
releases many types of particles in the air.
& Fertilizer Dust
Fertilizer dust
gets put into the air when being spread causing pollution.
, insecticides, and herbicides all cause air pollution.
Septic Tanks
Waste is flushed down the toilet which is then released into a tank.
This tank separates the solid from the liquid.
The liquid is then drained into a land draining system.
The liquid can seep into the soil and nearby water bodies.
Sewage & Waste Water
Sewage and waste water is treated, cleaned, and dumped into the sea.
Although the water is treated, it will never be like fresh water.
Underground storage
& tube leakages
Liquid products are stored underground in metal and steel tubes.
Overtime the tubes will start to leak causing the liquid to seep into the soil.
The soil could be connected to any body of water causing contamination.
& Marine Dumping
The things we dump into the ocean take time to decompose.
This harms marine life.
Causes death to marine life.
What Causes Land Pollution?
Solid Wastes
& Sewage Treatments
Solid waste
as in paper, plastic, wood, rubber (ect.) are sent to landfills.
Some can decay and others can't.
Waste leftover from
sewage treatment
are either sent to landfills or are burned for electricity. Either way, the earth is being polluted.
& Oil Refineries
Includes piles of coal refuse, heaps of slag, and underground debris.
Often leaves land unrestored.
Leaves the land exposed to erosion
Iron, copper, mercury, and lead from mining leach into the soil causing it to be polluted and is exposed to water.
Chemical & Nuclear
Chemical waste is disposed into the land
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