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Dictionary Skills - Looking Up Words

No description

Ashley Moye

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Dictionary Skills - Looking Up Words

Looking Up Words! Dictionary Skills Essential Question How are guide words and alphabetical order used to find words in a dictionary? Step 1
Look at the first letter of the word

Open up the dictionary and begin flipping to pages that include words with the same first letter. Use Guide Words! Find the guide words at the top of the page.

Is the word you are looking for placed in between the guide words in alphabetical order? Let's Practice! What are the 2 steps for looking up words in the dictionary? You will have 4 minutes at each center.

When the timer goes off, grab your materials and walk to the next center. Use Alphabetical Order! Step 2 Is the word "beautiful" found on the page with the guide words: Beginning - Believe? 1.

2. Can you find the word "gasp?" 1.

2. Can you find the word "doze?" 1.

2. Why do we use a dictionary? 1.

2. What is a definition? What is vocabulary? Cacophony


Panacea Dynamic Dictionary
Games Rules! Play the game to figure out the word you have to look up in the dictionary.

Write the word on your sheet of paper, look up the word in the dictionary and write the page number down.
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