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lecon 9

at the hotel.. :)

Lady Novica Pagran

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of lecon 9

Lecon 9 personnel de production Le personnel de service A l'hôtel, Fonction: chef garde manger A Chef garde manger (pantry chef) may care for garnishing dishes or plating salads and desserts. She should know all of the stations of the kitchen, since he may serve as a fill-in when necessary. In larger restaurants or those that have a large buffet, the pantry chef may decorate and present cold food for buffets and banquets.
A pantry chef specializes in the preparations of salads, cold soups, fresh fruit displays, fresh vegetables, butters and spreads, preserved meats and cheeses. She possesses a keen eye to detail and is a master at utilizing the leftovers in the kitchen. Chef entremetier fonction: The entremetier prepares the vegetables, starch dishes, eggs and soups.
Large hotel kitchens may have several entremetiers with specialized functions, such as only preparing eggs. Chef saucier fonction: Sauciers cook the sauces for all of the kitchen dishes. They prepare sauces for meats, fish, casseroles, vegetables and sometimes for desserts if the kitchen does not have a pastry chef on duty.
Sauciers saute onions, peppers and whatever else the menu requires. Saucier chef is a prestigious position in the hotel kitchen. Chef poulet fonction: Chef poissoniere fonction: The poissonier is a seafood chef. He seasons and cooks the wide variety of seafood on the hotel menu.
He may have cooks working under her in a large hotel with several banquet rooms. Chef legumier fonction: A legumier chef would be in charge of preparing
any vegetable dishes. Chef rotisseur fonction: The rotisseur supervises and helps prepare the seasoning and cooking of steaks, chops, chicken and other cuts of meat by roasting, broiling and braising.
He prepares the gravies for the meats. Chef aboyeur fonction: Chef's assistants are responsible for carrying out the orders of head chef. Many times this will involve some aspect of food preparation. The person preparing all of the poultry including chicken, duck, emu, goose, ostrich, pigeon and turkey.
This person may also be in charge of purchasing the poultry, related foods, cleaning, and selecting the cuts to be served. Chef tournant fonction: Also referred to as a swing cook,
fills in as needed on stations in the kitchen. Chef d' carver fonction: The function of fruit and vegetable carving is to produce food more eye-catching, more appetizing and also easier to eat. The accomplished homemaker welcomes his/her guests with fruit carefully pared, seeded and perhaps cut into bite-size slices depending on the type. Chef pattisieur fonction: The patissier, or pastry chef, in a hotel is an artistic person who prepares and decorates a variety of pastry items from chocolate souffles to elegant wedding cakes.
He is responsible for all of the desserts that the hotel serves. Chef d' sal fonction fonction fonction fonction fonction fonction fonction A head waiter is a food service worker, usually employed by a restaurant or hotel, who supervises and coordinates all dining room activities.
This includes overseeing all members of the serving staff, as well as any procedures and processes that are necessary to provide fast and courteous service to diners. Chef d' etage The person who oversees these servers is the captain waiter, or head waiter. In addition to serving duties, this individual performs a myriad of other tasks to ensure those patronizing the establishment receive flawless and expedient customer service. Chef d' rang A chef de rang, also commonly known as the professional waiter, is a senior member of a wait staff and is usually found at upscale restaurants. The term rang simply refers to the section of tables in a restaurant for which he is responsible during his shift, which may vary with each seating at the discretion of the headwaiter.

In smaller restaurants, this position is often combined with the chef d’etage, whose job it is to verbally explain daily specials to patrons and answer questions about menu items. Commis d' rang Consistently offer professional, friendly and engaging service
Assist guests regarding menu items
Have full knowledge of beverage lists and promotions
Have full knowledge of all menu items, garnishes, contents and preparation methods Apprentise Ensure the dishes are always clean.
Responsible to set and reset dining tables.
Make sure that water is refilled and give assistance to the waiting staff (waiter/waitress) if necessary.
Spend most of the time in the kitchen, bring back and arrange utensils and plates in order.
Receive and return dining room for each shift and keep the restaurant in a fresh and orderly space. Chef d' vin Bar supervisors are responsible for making staff is properly trained according to the standards set forth by the establishment. This requires one-on-one training to ensure employees are well-versed in cocktail recipes and bar procedures. Many supervisors are responsible for conducting performance reviews to help determine employee strengths and weaknesses.

A bar supervisor might also be required to create work schedules. Schedules are made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the establishment. One of the main responsibilities is to ensure staff is managed in a professional manner to enhance workplace performance and reduce the employee turnover rate. Sommelier A sommelier should be professional and courteous. Like anyone who works in a restaurant, they should be welcoming and look forward to serving their guests.
A sommelier should never be snobby. I’ve had some horrible experiences with sommeliers who tried to steer me away from having what I wanted.
A sommelier should treat guests to an experience they have never had before. That can come in the form of a great food and wine pairing or turning the customer on to something they may never have heard of before and truly enjoy.
A sommelier should be confident but never condescending.
A sommelier should be able to present and serve wine properly. This art can be lost on some, but if one is lacking, it can be most awkward and can ruin a guest’s experience. personnel de l'hôtel Director fonction: Managers just don't go out and haphazardly perform their responsibilities. Good managers discover how to master five basic functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.
Planning: This step involves mapping out exactly how to achieve a particular goal.
Organizing: After a plan is in place, a manager needs to organize her team and materials according to her plan.
Staffing: After a manager discerns his area's needs, he may decide to beef up his staffing by recruiting, selecting, training, and developing employees.
Leading: A manager needs to do more than just plan, organize, and staff her team to achieve a goal.
Controlling: After the other elements are in place, a manager's job is not finished. Cadres fonction: After an organization's structural design is in place, it needs people with the right skills, knowledge, and abilities to fill in that structure. People are an organization's most important resource, because people either create or undermine an organization's reputation for quality in both products and service. Directeur Commercial fonction: A sales manager is responsible for meeting the sales targets of the organization through effective planning and budgeting.
A sales manager can’t work alone. He needs the support of his sales team where each one contributes in his best possible way and works towards the goals and objectives of the organization.
The duties must not be imposed on anyone, instead should be delegated as per interests and specializations of the individuals.
A sales manager devises strategies and techniques necessary for achieving the sales targets.
A sales manager is also responsible for brand promotion. He must make the product popular amongst the consumers.
Motivating team members is one of the most important duties of a sales manager.
A sales manager should set an example for his team members. He should be a source of inspiration for his team members.
A sales manager is responsible for not only selling but also maintaining and improving relationships with the client.
As a sales manager, one should maintain necessary data and records for future reference. Hotelier fonction: Is unwilling or unable to pay for the accommodations and services of the hotel. A hotelkeeper may require a prospective guest to demonstrate the ability to pay for the accommodations and services, including a damage deposit in a reasonable amount, by cash or acceptable credit card
The hotelkeeper reasonably believes to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances or who is disorderly so as to disturb the peace of other guests;The hotelkeeper reasonably believes seeks to use the hotel for any unlawful purpose;
The hotelkeeper reasonably believes seeks to bring property into the hotel which may be dangerous to other persons (such as firearms, explosives or hazardous or toxic substances) or the possession of which by such person is unlawful;
Destroys, damages or defaces property of the hotel or its guests or threatens to do so;
Is under eighteen (18) years of age and unaccompanied by his parent or guardian. A hotelkeeper may condition the provision of accommodations, facilities or privileges of a hotel to persons under the age of eighteen (18) years by requiring the parent or guardian to:
Agree in writing to accept liability for the costs of the accommodations, including the cost of the room, taxes, other charges and any damages to the hotel caused by such person or his invitees; and
To provide an acceptable credit card or cash deposit sufficient to cover such costs;
Would cause or permit any hotel room to exceed its maximum allowable occupancy as established by the hotelkeeper; or
Refuses to abide by reasonable standards or policies established by the hotelkeeper for operation and management of the hotel. De-manage fonction: Housekeepers have the basic responsibility of keeping the establishment they work for clean, stocked with supplies and well-maintained. Housekeepers work in various locations. They are employed in hotels, businesses, nonprofit organizations, museums, sports arenas and private homes. Their duties and responsibilities vary depending on their employer's needs. Housekeepers in hotels make beds, change linen and stock bathrooms, while housekeepers in private homes may prepare meals and run errands. Caissier fonction: Cashiers provide their services in a variety of industries, which means that cashier responsibilities and duties differ significantly. The primary duties of an individual who is employed at this post may include running a register, recording sales, and also doing some other money-related tasks. It is considered that cashiers are required to have the capability to handle money promptly and precisely, that includes receiving money from consumers or customers and returning the appropriate change. However, this is just a part of cashier duties; the cashier job description includes many other obligations. Boulanger fonction: A baker is an individual who prepares specialty items such as breads, cakes, pastries and additional baked goods for the public to purchase and consume. The baker has a wide range of additional activities to engage in as well in order to further their baking abilities.
One of the main general responsibilities which a baker must undertake is to prepare baked goods for sale. This task can be as simple or as challenging as the baker likes and the end result is delicious baked products for sale on the general consumer market. In addition to actually baking the goods, the baker is frequently also responsible for ordering materials and supplies and overseeing subordinates as well. Maiter d' hotel fonction: A head waiter is a food service worker, usually employed by a restaurant or hotel, who supervises and coordinates all dining room activities. This includes overseeing all members of the serving staff, as well as any procedures and processes that are necessary to provide fast and courteous service to diners. Serveur fonction: Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails and other drinks.
Wash glassware and utensils after each use.
Pour wine and beer.
Collect payment and operate a cash register.
Serve food to customers seated at the bar.
Check identification of customers to make sure they meet age requirements for purchase of alcohol and tobacco products.
Determine when a customer has had too much alcohol.
Clean up after customers and clean work area.
Order and maintain liquor and bar supplies.
Arrange bottles and glasses to make attractive displays. Femme de Chamber fonction: A maid is primarily an individual who is a part of the domestic service provision industry. Maids can be hired as either part time or full time employees, and their basic duties include cleaning and maintaining a particular premises or area. A maid can normally be left unsupervised but is usually administered by a housekeeper or a household supervisor. Depending on hours of work and location, a maid may live on the premises of a work site, or have separate living accommodations. Recepteur fonction: A telephone operator is vital to the success of a business. Often times, the customer’s first encounter with the business is via the telephone operator. The impression that she makes upon the customer is typically the first impression of the business. If the telephone operator speaks clearly and handles the call in a professional manner, most likely the customer will be left with a good impression of the company. The telephone operator can have many duties that she must juggle at one time.
The telephone operator must answer all incoming phone calls. Either she will help the customer with a question, or she will direct the caller to the department or person who can be of assistance, according to the Occupational Outlook website.
The telephone or switchboard operator will probably have to take messages for many different employees of the company. He may write these down in longhand on a message pad or input the information into the computer.
The telephone operator may be centrally located within a company. Part of her duties may be to assist people who walk into the company with their simple questions, perhaps giving them directions or basic information about the business
The telephone operator may handle a variety of clerical duties. This may include sorting and passing out the mail. divisions hôtel Bureau de Devant Salle de Fonction Salle de Conference Barre Barre de Snack Piscine Gymnase Salle Executive Sauna Bain Salle de Suite Salle de Luxe Cuisine Salle de Lessive Salle du Stock
Lady Novica E. Pagran
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