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Freedom Train

No description

Zobiya Yaqub

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Freedom Train

The Story Of Harriet Tubman Freedom Train
By Dorothy Sterling Freedom Train Resolution By Dorothy Sterling The beginning was quiet tough. The book started off with slaves suffering. Working really hard and not even earning a penny. The book progresses, slaves were still very eager to escape. Until one fine day a girl named Nat Turner risked her life just to free the slaves. She kept on trying until she got caught. She wsas killed. Plot (Beginning) But the story moved on and Harriet finally got the courage to run away and start her new life the way she wanted to. Harriet listned to her heart and moved to the North and started earning money and made her own little world. A few years later Harriet went back to Maryland to get her family. While freeing her parents, Harriet thought everyone has the right to be free. So she started to free everyone and got a nickname of "Moses". Plot (Middle) At the end of the book Harriet stood up and fought for her rights. she thought that no one should be slaved, blacks, whites, poor or rich. Harriet wanted to free all the slaves who were suffering. Masters also put reward on her but the slave didn't say a word. Harriet tried her best and she succeeded. Plot (Ending) Harriet supported" The Emancipation Proclamation" which was an order from the president to free all the slaves during the american civil war.
This was one of the ways Harriet could help free the slaves
The Emancipation Proclamation eradicated slavery from the society.
Harriet tried to convince the head (Mr.Linclon) that "Negro's" should be free
So Mr. Linclon allowed all slaves to be free Setting Character Major : Harriet, Old Rit, Daddy Ben, Master etc
Minor : Mr. Linclon, Brown, John, Douglass. Mistress etc Harriet:
Round Character
Brave Old Rit:
Round Character
Static Daddy Ben
Round Character
Hard Worker
Willing Master
Round Character
Rich Mistress
Flat Character
Rich Mr.Linclon
Flat Character
Nice Conflict
Harriet vs master
trying to free all the slaves
Going against the law
Harriet trying to run away Harriet escaped her owner
Harriet listened to her heart
She followed the stars to a house
Where she got a ticket to the Underground Railroad
She slept in the bushes until a man came to her and took her to a train
The train led her to the North(known as freedom) Literary Devices Simile: "Sounds like heaven Old Cudjoe's always talking about"
Metaphor: "I think Slavery is the next thing to hell"
Alliteration: "On the other were two backless, battered chairs"
Simile: "To her it seemed as if the whole sky revolved around it"
Metaphor: "The Virginians smile was scornful"
Alliteration: "With a Hickory - handled hoe"
Simile: "But freeing the slaves one by one was slow work "Like an attempts with a tea spoon."
Metaphor: "The fire was the heart of the cabin" Theme Harriet Tubman's Story Theme Themes
Fight for what you believe
Don't run away from your duties
Fight for ones you love
Everyone should be treated equally
Freedom is everyones right to have Vocabulary Hymn: A religious type of song
Marshal: A kind of Sherff
Oppression: The exercise of authority or power in a burdensome
Plotting: A small piece or area of ground
Contralto: The lowest female voice or voice part
Plantation: A usually large farm or estate
Revolution: An overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government
Musket: The male sparrow hawk
Liberation: The act or fact of gaining equal rights Flash Backs Hariet remembered a women who told her how to escape
She told Harriet to follow the stars
Until she found a cottage and give them a letter
Harriet would then get a ticket to the Underground Railroad
Then Harriet could go to the North and be free Connection In olden days
Around 1800's
In the eastern areas
Around Alabama and Mississippi
Lived in Maryland
Harriet sitting on a chair trying to stop the masters baby from crying
Cloudy day a murmer of songs could be heard
Many men working in the farms who could be heard talking from the far
Harriet Vs Law
Standing up for the slaves
Going against the law Character Character Harriet Harriet:
Round Character: Harriet was one of the most important poeple in the book
Hopeful: Harriety always hoped that she would be free and always had faith in herself
Caring: She cared for everyone, when someone got whiped she would feel bad for them
Protagonist: Harriet fought for the rights of the slaves
Brave: Harriet had the courage to run away from the Master Fight For What You Believe
Harriet believed that slaves should be free
She always wanted to be free and when she was she wanted to free the rest of the slave too
As quoted in the text "I am going back and i am going to get my sister and my family"
Harriet's brother in law's family was being sold, so Harriet wanted to free them
Harriet wanted to tell the slaves all the ways to the North
Harriet believed everyone should be free and no one should be slaves Man Vs Man Man Vs Power Master Mr.Linclon Mr.Linclon:
Flat Character: He was a flat character because he was only introduced in the end of the book
Dynamic: His character changed
Understanding: He understood the problem the slave were going through
Nice: He was very nice to Harriet and understood her Master:
Round Character: The Master was really important because he owns slaves
Dynamic: His character changed through out the book
Antagonist: He was very mean to slaves
Owner: Owned slaves
Mean: Whipped slaves
Rich: Had losts of money to own slaves This book reminds me of another book
The book was called " Pinned" by Sharon G. Flake
It is about a boy named Adonis who has learning disability
A girl named Autumn stands up for him
Everyone treats Adnois differently then everyone else
This relates to the book Freedom Train because it conveys the same message that everyone should be treated equally Climax
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