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Flipped Class (GVSU)

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Delia Bush

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Flipped Class (GVSU)

Classroom Delia Bush Alpine Elementary School flippedclassroom.blogspot.com Flipped What's it all about? The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction outside of class and moving "homework" into the classroom. Turning Traditional Education on its Head Students watch the lectures at their own pace, communicating with peers & teachers via online discussions. Concept engagement takes place in the classroom with help from the instructor. Why did you decide to change the way you teach? Personally, I didn't feel like I truly knew my students, and what they understood. I kept running into 3 scenarios. Scenario #1
Student gets a perfect score on their homework, but fails the quizzes and tests...what happened? Scenario #2
Student gets a perfect score on their homework and does fantastic on the test...YEAH! Lucky for this kid, they learn well in a traditional environment...not every kid is that lucky. Scenario #3
Student gets all the homework wrong (or never does it at all) and then does poorly on the test...not surprising :( Instead of the students getting the lecture from me during class, I video tape the lecture & they watch it at home (by lecture, I don't mean 45 minutes of me talking...the videos are short, 8-12 minutes max). While watching the video they complete something called a W.S.Q. (Watch Summarize Question) So what does a typical day look like? First:
At home they watch a video for the lesson we'll be working on the next day. Then they complete a Summary of the video. The summary includes answering guiding questions (Higher Order Thinking). They also write an example Question for classmates to solve. While they are Watching, they are taking guided notes in their journal. Seems fancy...what technology do you use? The videos are created using:
Keynote/Power Point (to make slide shows)
Camtasia Software
Classroom document camera
Teacher computer
Schooltube Once the videos are made, they are embedded on our classroom Edmodo site.

You can also create playlists on Youtube that let you connect all the videos for a unit. Sounds great, but....... What if the kids don't watch the videos? What if they don't have internet access? And the million dollar question????? DOES IT WORK? YES!!! Here is the data I've collected last year. On Unit Tests, the students in a flip class out perform the students from the traditional class by a roughly 2%...not a huge growth. The units that are more difficult for students to grasp...fractions, perimeter/area, and multiplication/division showed more growth.

8.25% higher average than traditional. What do I like the most? My goal is to meet with every student every day...I almost always reach my goal! I KNOW my kids! Thoughts of my students: Thoughts from their parents!!! I feel like I understand math better in the flipped classroom.
Yes --> 35
No --> 9

I feel like I am performing better in math this year, compared to last year.
Better --> 29
Worse --> 4
Same as last year --> 10

Do you feel like the amount of homework being assigned is fair.
Yes --> 30
No --> 12 Parent survey results I feel like my child understands math better in the flipped classroom (rather than traditional).
Yes --> 17
No --> 2

How is your child performing (in math) this year, compared to last year.
Better --> 12
Worse --> 0
Same as last year --> 7

Do you feel like the amount of homework being assigned is fair.
Yes --> 20
No --> 0 Any questions? "It's a better learning method than traditional math and more exciting for the students."

"My son can learn at his own pace, have the teacher available for questions while he does the "homework" portion and he likes being part of something innovative." "I LOVE the flipped classroom. At first I was a little skeptical just because it was change...different. This style has worked so well for my daughter."

"I think this allows the kids more one-on-one time with you!!! While watching the video, if for some reason they can't understand, they are able to watch the video repeatedly vs. standard teaching. Then the lesson is complete, and the kids might head home not being able to do the math." "LOVE IT! I feel that my child really has enjoyed the flipped classroom. She has done her homework on her own, every night."

My child has understood how to complete her math assignments through the flipped method. It is like a teacher here in the evening helping her." What if the parents don't like it? Feel free to contact me with any questions:
Twitter: deliabush Then they meet in groups to discuss their summary. Then they work on their "old" homework and take a quiz to make sure they "get it". If they prove they've mastered the content, they move on...or do some extension activities...like student made videos! Student Made Videos Using Educreations App http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/area-for-a-triangle-gracyn/2177160/?s=El75Rp&ref=app
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