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Life Cycles: Butterfly vs. Human

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Lauren Gavinski

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Life Cycles: Butterfly vs. Human

Butterflies and Humans Child Butterfly Stage One Stage Three:
Have a lot in common! Let's compare the four stages
of the life cycle for a butterfly and a human and see how they are similar. A butterfly begins its life as an egg A human begins its life as a
in its mothers' womb, which is
similar to being inside an egg. fetus Caterpillar After the butterfly egg hatches, it becomes a caterpillar During this stage, the
caterpillar eats and grows.
It grows to about 100 times its original size. A human is a child from ages 1-10. During the first two years, the child is called a toddler Toddlers grow and eat just like caterpillars do. They also learn to walk, starting out by crawling similar to the way a caterpillar crawls.
After three years old, the child continues to grow and learn how to talk and interact with the world. By the time the child is 10 years old, he or she has grown very big compared to when he or she was a toddler, just like a caterpillar grows much bigger than it was when it first hatched.
Stage Two The Transition Stage Pupa Adolescent (Chrysalis) During this stage the caterpillar turns in to a pupa, or a Chrysalis.
It looks like the caterpillar might just be resting inside of the Chrysalis, but it is actually experiencing major changes, just like an adolescent does during this stage! These changes are a transformation called metamorphosis which turns it into a...... For humans, this stage is called adolescence. It lasts from about 11-18 years of age. During this stage, adolescents undergo many physical changes in a process called puberty A butterfly also undergoes many
physical changes during this stage.
Let's take a look... Stage Four Adult This is the final stage of a butterfly's life, and it remains this way for the rest of its life. Just like a butterfly,
an adult remains this way
and does not undergo
any more big changes.
This is the final stage
in the human life cycle.
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