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Jack London: A Mini Biography

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O. A.

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Jack London: A Mini Biography

Jack London: Mini Biography
By-Omena Aboagye
Life Experiences
Jack London's Writings
The Gold Rush
Jack London died on November 22, 1916, at age forty. He was laid to rest in his ranch along with his wife, right next to him. However, there have been many myths as to how he really died. Some say it may have been due to health issues, or possibly a suicide.
1.) A type literary genre used by authors who incorporate naturalistic elements in Their Writing
Jack London has written many things; whether its a magazine article, novel, play, or poems, etc. Jack has written them all. Here's some of his writings:
When an animal is given human-like characteristics or qualities; similar to the literary term: personification, but in this case it's dealing with animals, not inanimate objects
Well-Known Novels
These two books are the most famous novels of London. After reading them you'll begin to realize that they all share a similar theme, "Survival." In the novels, someone/something must do whatever it can in order to survive. But, note that the settings both take place in the wild: that being said the characters will have to use all the natural elements available to them to make a living.
Short Stories
Essay Presentation
January 12, 1876
John Griffith London, is born in San Francisco, California.
November 22, 1916
Winter of 1897
Jack spends his winter in the Yukon, and joins the Klondike Gold Rush
Jack London dies at age 40, in Glen Ellen, California at his ranch.
April 7, 1900
Jack marries a woman named Bessie May Maddern
January 15, 1901
Jack's first daughter, Joan London. is born.
Novels & Short Stories
What did he do?
Jack London wrote American Literature. He has written a variety of writing pieces, and mostly incorporated naturalism and anthropomorphism, into his works. The widely spread use of naturalism and anthropomorphism into his writings, made him a very important figure in the history of American Literature.
Who is Jack London?
A Trip To The Yukon
Life As A Hobo
After leaving an army march, London becomes a hobo. As a hobo, he traveled most of the United States and Canada. All of this traveling allowed Jack London to really have time to focus on his writing career, and just write anything.
London's First Child
Joan London, was Jack's first daughter from Bessie May Maddern. She was a turning point in Mr. London's life, because that's when things began to change, and he really needed to wake up and take on a big responsibility.
In the winter of 1897, Jack paid a visit to the Yukon, in Canada. He planned to take part in the Gold Rush, in the hope of becoming rich and a better life. While Jack stayed in the Yulon he wrote stories, which was a way in which he relaxed.
Jack London was an American Literature writer during the early 20th century. London used nature techniques in many of his writings making him a significant male today, and during his time.
The Contributions of London's Experiences To His Writings
2.) A philosophy in which it is said to be that everything in the world aroused from nature
London's Baby Girl
Being A Hobo
Both novels: "The Call of the Wild" and "White Fang," were inspired by Jack London's trip to the Yukon, and/or the Klondike Gold Rush. The two novels also took place in the wild.
Joan London was a big motivation for her father's children's books, such as "The Children of The Frost."
Jack London's story "The Road," was based on his experiences roaming North America. It also featured the obstacles of a man traveling.
Jack London's Last Years
This book called "Batard," is about how a dog and his master don't get along at all. They fight each other, bite each other and say cruel things. However even though it may seem as if the two completely hate each other, they somehow manage to love the other a little.
Photo Album
Important Events
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