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A Healthy Foundation

No description

Cindy Rose

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of A Healthy Foundation

A Healthy Foundation
Mental/Emotional Health
Want a Healthy Body?
You Must:
Sleep 8-10 hours
Eat nutritious meals and drink about 8 cups of water each day
30-60 minutes of exercise
Avoid substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
Practice good hygiene
What is Health?
Health Triangle
Physical Health
If you are in good physical health, you will have energy to perform daily task
A reflection of how you feel about yourself, how you meet the demands of your daily life, and how you cope with problems

Expressing emotions in appropriate ways promotes good mental/emotional health
Social Health
If a person is socially healthy they maintain good relationships with a network of family and friends
Health Continuum
Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being
To be healthy, all sides should be balanced
and functioning well.
Low End
High End
Your health changes constantly.

Serious physical, psychological, or social problems may cause a greater loss of health
ex: an argument with your best friend
Health Literacy
Health literacy is an ability to utilize basic information and services to promote health and wellness

The most important aspect of this literacy involves knowing where to find accurate health information.
A health-literate person is

A critical thinker:
you can evaluate health information before making decisions. This evaluation involves deciding if information is reliable and accurate.

A self-directed learner
: you take responsibility for your own health education, actively searches for information from a variety of sources, and prioritizes your learning according to your own health needs and goals.

An effective communicator:
can effectively communicate about you health, can clearly explain your own needs and ask helpful
Good Sources
Generally, doctors and other health professionals, medical institutions, organizations that bring together professionals who are health experts, and government health agencies are reliable sources of health information.

Other sources include:
online encyclopedia
medical school's website
magazine written by health professionals
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