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Copy of SearchoMedia WebSite

Image Search engine

aya elzeny

on 10 July 2010

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Transcript of Copy of SearchoMedia WebSite

SearchOMedia Services
Feedback Web hisotry User history
Groups Chrome extension iPhone SearchOMedia desktop app Requirements implementation how does it work? Firefox plug-in Google chrome browser HTML
JS using Jquery
Css Requirements Firefox browser implementation
XUL How does it work User uses SearchOMedia iphone app
and selects an image to search for Using SearchOMedia API
app sends Ajax request to API
json file is retrieved with similar images C# desktop app

SearchOMedia provides new features to facilitate searching process
some of these features are available only for registerd users,others are
available for both vistors and users SearchOMedia provide a feature of displaying the latest searched images in the homepage to all users and guests.
SearchOMedia also provide the user history feature this display the latest searched images by the user. This feature is provided to the registered users only.
Feedback feature: when the user search for an image and the search result doesn’t satisfy the user ,he can provide a feedback to receive email when there is better result . Groups is another feature that is provided by the SearchOMedia to the registered users also.
SearchoMedia users enjoy searching their facebook photos using this application
Feedback is a feature that provided by SearchOMedia to the registered users only.
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