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The Outsiders

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders

Greasers & Socs
Greasers have lots of grease in their hair so they call them selves ''Greasers"
Dominik Mecham Habner Martinez
Thanks for watching our presiontation of The
Here are pictures of the Greasers
Here are some pictures of the Socs
The Outsiders Graphic
Greasers also have no leader like the Socs do and the hoods ect
Greasers have a (pet) meaning there favorite person in the group , who is Jonny they call him Jonnycake
Greasers will always help each other out what ever the situation like murder, robbery, jumped by a other gang ect
They never liked the Socs and always fight with them
A Rumble is a big fight in between two groups to see who's best between them
The Greasers and Socs had a big fight called a rumble and the Greasers won the fight
Dally and Ponyboy talked about the rumble to Jonny who was at the hospital for his broken back
Ponyboy went to the Rumble even thou he was sick and had a fever
Most Socs are filthy rich and always jump Greasers
Most Socs have a mustang or sting-ray cars and they were tuff
The Socs had switch baldes bottels and other type of wepons
Socs did not like the greasers and would always jump greasers when they were alone and hurt them bad
Most Socs were cold blooded people
Jonny was part of the greasers and he was there pet
Jonny was called Jonny-boy and also jonny cake
Jonny had a rough life at home with his parents
Jonny had never killed any one but bob
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