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Animal and Plant Safety in the Classroom

No description

Meredith Moore

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Animal and Plant Safety in the Classroom

Plants in the Classroom Why have Plants in the Classroom? You selected your plant, now what? Never burn plants that may have allergy causing
oils Make a clear distinction of which plants are edible or nonedible Always have students use gloves and wash their hands after
handling. What is the purpose of having the plant? Familiarize yourself with toxic types of plants Consider the conditions of your classroom To teach responsibility For environmental and aesthetic benefits To encourage a green thumb Before you select a plant.... Make sure no students are allergic Light level
Temperature Why have animals in the classroom? Before getting an animal Animals In The Classroom To teach responsibility Builds empathy and can teach kids proper pet care Establish a plan for addressing fears of animals Notify and get approval from the principal. Make sure no
are allergic ALWAYS WASH
YOUR HANDS!! http://www.usask.ca/education/coursework/mcvittiej/resources/livingthings/plant


Specimen Safety Make sure they come from a reliable supply company Conduct dissection in a clean and well organized space use protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and aprons You selected an animal, now what? Keep cages locked
and in a safe, comfortable setting Have a backup plan when leaving for an extended time Never dispose of animal feces in sinks http://publichealth.columbus.gov/uploadedFiles/Public_Healt h/Content_Editors/Environmental_Health/Animal_Program/ClassPets.pdf

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